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Which Focals will fit in my 182

  Clio 182 Cup

Id like to replace my 182s standard speakers. Im going to retain the stock HU and add on an amp soonish. Id like to replace all the speakers in the Clio. Can someone recommend some Focals that will swap straight into the doors and the front tweeter positions without having to butcher the doors or dash? Ive been looking at the 165 V2 for the fronts/tweeter, and 165 CV1 for the rear. Would these fit and be a wise choice? I guess I should be asking, what size are the standard front and rear speakers in the 182? Any help greatly appreciated.


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  Clio 182 Cup

Tried to edit above, but couldnt. Anyway, after searching through here, discovered they are 13cm speakers all around. So, I presume I need 130CV1 for the rear, and 130V1 for the fronts?


Hi again!

Get some spacer rings and just attach them to the door card for extra width and depth. You can put thick spacers behind the factory grilles.

Also, you can cut just the back off the speaker cavity to fit any depth of speaker that you like. Believe me, its not butchering. I dont know why everyone is so scared to do it. Theres even nice neat little graduated lines marked in the plastic there for you to cut along. Are you worried about resale value? If you ever put the factory speakers back in, theyll still sit in there perfectly neatly and nobody will even see it. Who pulls off the grilles, unscrews the speakers and examines behind them when theyre buying a car?!

Anyway, enough of the rant. You might also want to consider the Hertz Air Mille range which is low profile (they have a front-mounted magnet). Theyre also good quality and owned by folks that own Audison.



Djw John

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PM Big G hes got some focals that I fitted but cant remember what the code was. Its a tight squeeze but managed it without spacer rings. Class speaker