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Which insurance company likes MODS

  A well built VW
Got my renewal through from HIC :eek: :(

The car only has bigger wheels and lowering springs so need a good company preferably WITH CALL CENTRES IN THE uk only

P.S. Before someone says it Im an old fart with loads of NCB living in a nice area and its only a 1.6 so not much of a threat esp being a 5 door
  1.6 focus zetec....
Norwich union are good with me at the moment but am going to change come renewal.... obvious reasons being call centres in india and a 40% hike in the premium!!

So would like to know a few companies aswell if people dont mind!!


P.s- sorry to hi-jack your thread big yin
  A well built VW
Anyone insured with barclays or First direct they are guarenteeing to beat renewals and then give you cash back ......