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white dials.16valve:de cat

  Toureg vW Transporte

Right first q does any 1 have a set of white dials on an n plate 16 valve (sagem dials)only halfords told me that they dont stock them?whats the difference between sagem and the others? and when i get my cat- de pipe and striaght through system on without the centre box will i have to have any thing done to the fuelling?will the lamba sensor read out wrong and mess the running up?ta
  clio 20v

mine has sagem dials an all the ones ive seen have too

i havent heard very good stories about the white dial kits cos there hard to get on right, might look ok but after a bit the heat off the dials makes them bubble an unstick, if you want em im sure demon tweeks or similar can get them

mine has a de-cat an full system an last time on the rollers the fuelling was spot on, it wont affect the lambda sensor as its before the cat
  Toureg vW Transporte

thanx mate, the lockwood ones i had on the last clio seemed to hold up ok, i will phone demon tweeks and c.ta