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Why dont Renault bring out...

  Abarth Grande Punto

Ye why dont Renault bring out a Clio Convertable!! Youve got the 206cc, the beetle Cab on its way, so why not a clio cab!

Thinking about it, it would prob look poo but would be funny to see!! :eek:

Theres a challenge for one of you guys, master up a prototype on photoshop and post it on!!!!!!!!!

I know i would be interested in the finished result! It could even be a competition!!;)

It would probably be as bad as the 206cc. Modern cars are not built to have the roof cut off. (Imagine a convertible car looking side on to it, and open the doors, what connects the back to the front?)

Anyway, where would the roof fold into? we lose the small space that renault calls a boot if it were a cab. LoL
  silver valver/hybrid

there have been some monstosities, there was the nova cabriolet, rover metro, mini, old cavalier (mk2?) and ive even seen a awful mess of a purple cortina cabbie with an extended boot with an extra axle fitted! yuck!


  Audi TT Stronic

The 206 CC was on my checklist of cars to look at when I was looking for a new car.

I finally came accross the 172 and well I think I made the right choice, I am not unhappy with my clio in any way so I guess I did.
  BMW 320d Sport

lol Ive *seen* a Nova cabriolet! Obviously it was a home-made cut n shut but the worst of it was that it was based on a booted Nova in the first place not the normal hatch! Oh, and it was brown.

I wouldnt be suprised if the new micra becomes a convertible as the shape would suit it, and considering the clio is bound to be using a lot of micra bits then maybe it will happen?