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Why is my carpet ringing wet under the drivers seat of my 05 plate 182?

  Milltek'd clio 182
hello people i came home from work yesterday and i thought i would hoover me car out, now as i removed my car mats i felt the carpet was soaked, it was damp around the foot pedals, soaking wet under me seat, and slightly damp under the passenger side. now i have noticed abit of a funky smell in my car for about a week or so, so god knows how long its been there, it is definatly water so i can cross out, that the heater is leaking. any help much appreciated.:approve:


  Clio 197
i had same problem on mine and it turned out to be a blocked drain bung under the heater fan under the right hand side of the scuttle panel. it may be full of water
  Milltek'd clio 182
right had a little peek, going to have to pull it all off i think, so do i pull the black plastic part off on the right hand side, by the window washer bottle, or the other side on the drivers side, where its more damp, i felt it last night and it feels alot dryer so thats a start. just hopeing its to do with jet washing the car and not rain.
  Milltek'd clio 182
no it dried out, i think it was because of all the snow we had, that when i was getting in and out of the car, there was obviously snow in the car, and as it hadnt been warm at all, obviously the snow melted on the carpet and didnt dry up, i havent had the problem since tho fella, i did think it was jet washers, but have used them since and havent had an issue, so sorry mate, i cant help you there. try the scuttle tho on the outside see if its blocked
  Clio Sport 182
This happened to me. Just pulled the scuttle cover off and there were leaves and bits in the drainage hole. Cleaned it out and now its all good.