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Why oh why oh why....

....dont people realise they are out classed. I had a 19 16v chamade in front of me yesterday for about half a mile. We got to a roundabout and he thought he would try his luck and pull away. As soon as I realised his game I planted the throttle and was on his rear bumper within a second. My wifes mouth went into overdrive so I slowed down. What niggles me is, owning a renault he should know he was out gunned by miles instead of blasting up the hill in a 30 mph, doing around 60 espescially with the ease I caught him up :/. FFS, do go to school.

now, whered I put my chill pills.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Whats wrong with a bit of fun?

True shouldnt do 60 in a 30, but he only wanted a bit of need to get so uptight about it!

Because people with slower cars always feel like they have to prove a point, at least thats what I notice anyway. I especially hate Golf Drivers (the car not the person steering it). Its nice to have a good blast once in a while, but I would never, ever wind up an obviously faster car, there is no point. Therell just be tears, probably mine as he screams by!

I was sitting at lights in left lane a couple of days ago when a very serious looking black Skyline pulled up next to me.......the thought of planting my foot on amber popped into my head and stayed there for, ooh, about 0.5 seconds. He nailed it, I watched......damn it can shift!!

Youll always get some mailto:t@sser">t@sser hassling you when he/she shouldnt dare to, normally out of jealousy. I usually ignore it and enjoy the fact that I dont have his car and he doesnt have mine.

On second thoughts - he wasnt really hassling you, he was probably scared of that mean looking little thing behind him and mistakenly tried to get away!

True, true..........I suppose there is a fine line between fun and aggro sometimes and the trick is recognising which is which. I admit that its not always about proving points (just mostly :)) and there is some fun out there to be had.....

Will, are you saying that

a) You only ever race another Williams? (or car of equal performance)

b) You only race cars slower than you!?

c) Youve never raced a faster car than yours!?

Im sure the 19 16v knew you were faster (although if he thought you were a clio 16v it could have been close?)!

Its not the winning that counts, its the takin part!! ........No ang on thats b****cks!

Never mind mate he was just having a go! :D
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

some penis in a 309 undertook me on a roundabout the other day, so when we got onto the bit of dual carriageway which was both our exits, i swiftly overtook and left the fool for dead, without any effort at all

He then decided to try to prove he was better than me by overtaking me and the guy in front on the wrong side of some centre bollards in a 40 zone when I slowed down to let the car in front take a left turn.

Nob head! Nothing wring with a bit of fun. Ill happily take anything within reason on if they want a play. Not in a 30zone though! and not if their gonna be silly about it!

Hey I often race faster cars, yeah I know you can do me on straights but most people with quick cars drive like women round corners and its cornering which I do quick and I find is the most fun part of driving fast.

Any munkee can put their foot down up a straight but can you take that roundabout at 70 or sliproad sideways? tell you what I have not raced many drivers that can keep up with me round corners.....

Or to much of a pussy round corners for me........ Come on when someone wants a race have a bit of fun also lifes to short....


Has the thought crossed your mind that a seriously modded 19 16V would actually beat a Williams clio?

.. Stands back as the hornets nest erupts!!!!


Hey steve, I like your style of driving, similar to mine. Reading the road perfectly and keeping it on the edge aslong as you in order to get the best possible speed you can. Of course I drive a 1.4 and thus dont really bother cos whats the point. Its gonna take me ages to get anywhere, whats the point in driving mad and getting there a few mins if I had a faster car it would be a different story....cos I would probably be dead!

But there is one car that no-one can keep up with in the corners. A old skool mini. My mate has one, he took a corner at 60 with no trouble, i usually do it at 30 and I can feel its on the edge at that. Then again if he does get out of shape he can probably fit under any oncomming trafic!

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Ben, Owning both a 19 16v and a clio williams, it would take somthing a bit special in the 19 department to outdo the williams.

Ive been driving my 19 about alot whilst the williams is away for the winter and the difference is incredible. I seem to notice it in the opposite direction ie williams to 19 seems alot slower, than 19 to williams seeming alot faster if you get what I mean.


hahaha.... DTWD faster car probably be dead.... yup we must have a race one day, there is only a few still alive that have the breading to drive like that! lol

Na really most I talk to and straight line peeps... that bores me sh*tless
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

It bores you because you drive slow cars - if you had a fast enuogh car - driving in a straight line can be just as fun, especially when you can keep up with an Evo in a 10 year old Renault 5 Turbo, there was nothing boring about that driving!!!

Nick im telling you there is.... boring to hell... as i said before any chimp can press there right foot down and change gears.... real skill is in the cornering

Its not just about driving around corners, its all about making sure you come out the other end facing in the correct direction, which means reading the road correctly. Steve there is a bit more skill involved in straigh lining that just planting the throttle. But we all have to admit, cornering is where the real thrills can be had. Getting the appex just so that it launches you into the next corner perfectly, and if you have setup your car properly, your revs are just right to exit as fast as possible.


Ahhhh your making me want to go for a drive now.....

Whats so difficult about straight lining then? I have driven a scooby to 146 mph..... a civic type r to 135 mph...... its boring.... boring unless there is a sharp corner approaching when you have to pick a braking point and get the speed of the car right and the car possitioned correctly.... hmmmm
  BMW 320d Sport

thats a shame you think straightlining is boring, you must lead a pretty boring life because like it or not, you cant fling it about in the corners all the time. Whereas everywhere you go you can floor it and get pushed back in your seat. Even in a multistorey carpark!

Yeah guys point taken, I do have fun...but..if I accelerated away and this other whatever car moved in on me as fast as I moved in on him, I think I would take the fun if you know you are gonna get fun risking pedestrians lives in a 30 either. Now lets say a spyder or a v6 clio was on my rear as a national or motorway, yeah I would put my foot down, to see how easily he (or she for that matter) overtook my trusty a 30 zone with a school just up the hill I would not, for both reasons, the knowledge that I would be hammered, the fact that I would be endangering kids lives.

Ahhhhh you didnt say there was a school.... then it was not worth it... but there are some 30 mph zones that its not dangerous to speed, you know the ones, big open road.... houses set back quite far etc etc

Steve you should never speed in a 30 zone. Its that speed for a reason. 60s ok, and motorways, well you just expect it.

  williams and trophy

theres fuk all wrong with straight lining................

and i dont mind a bit of a tussle round the corners lol

wot i WONT do tho is put myself or my car in any serious old ive got family to think about lol

as DTWD said the mighty mini can be a fantastic car to corner with, in my youth ive shown many an xr3/i RST (all tweeked) how to take corners fast in my 1340/1275 Ss, and even 1000&850 minis.

but like i said im growing old now and i like living lol

i think iv outgrown overtaking in STUPID places and endangering myself with just plain crazy manouevres that shouldnt come off



ps. anyone want a race?