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Williams’s - how many of each


willy 1 - 400

willy 2 - 300

willy 3 - 400

But this is only UK. Thousands were sold over Europe.

aaronc...sorry mate but you are wrong:


Following your recent enquiry I have been making further investigations
regarding the number of Clio Williams that were sold and can now provide you
with further information -

400 Williams 1
482 Williams 2
308 Williams 3

I hope this information is of assistance to you.


Anna Hurley
Renault Customer Services

Thats official :)

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400 Willy 1s definitely. The original.

I didnt think there was an exact figure on Willy 2s. Just that they are the commonest of the three, if you can call any Willy common! The Renault figure sounds like it could be right.

Definitely Willy 3 has always been the rarest ,not cos they limited production deliberately but because not many people bought them. roughly 300 is right. 308 probably dead on.
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Only ever seen one Willy 3 - that was a P-reg.....on that Driven programme on TV i think earlier this year, or last year..

Well, as posted many times...

400 Williams 1
482 Williams 2
308 Williams 3

...this was the official renault figure for units sold to the UK market. It took the lady at Renault a week or so to find out for me...surely renault themselves cannot be wrong ?.

Will16v, surprised you saw a P reg one, maybe a misconception on my part but I was led to believe that :

Willy 1 = L reg

Willy 2 = M reg

Willy 3 = N reg

I think that the figure someone suggested for the W2 at 1200 was probably a whole production run, not the amount of UK units.

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Definatly a P plate - cos that was the phase 3 clio, with the extra brakelight on the bootlid wasnt it? before reno changed to the clio 2.....defo a p reg tho..

I have a Deals on Wheels programme on tape (used to be on Ch4), and that had a "P" reg Williams 1 I think that was late registered. It was actually car no 002. Apparently car no 001 was bought by Sir Frank Williams but was then subsequently written off.

I have also seen a late registered Willy 1 on an R-plate for sale a few yrs back when i was looking for a it is entirely possible to get later regs than normally expected depending on when the cars were actually registered.