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Williams 2 in Sheffield

Does anyone own a williams 2 in Sheffield Reg XX PAF. I was following it last night and it look quality nearly ran into a volvo looking at it!


Its owned by the owner of the Censored bar which used to be the Treadmill bar next door to the leadmill club. See it everyday parked out side as I live up on Leadmill Point student accomodatation.

Seems quite nice when he actually cleans it. Think the same bloke ownes or used to or works with someone with a Clio V6.


Yeah that v6 used to be there everytime I went to the leadmill. Come to think of it there is usually a willy outside the leadmill.

There was no cliosport sticker on it! Someone will have to put a flyer on it!

One thing I noticed when driving behind it was the width of the tyres on it what are the standard size tyres for the williams?

I think the guy with the V6 may have been shot dead a bit back. Seriousley. He lived in (Or his bird did) in Walkley and was shot through the head about 5 or 6 weeks since. He had a lot to do with night clubs in and around Sheffield. Think he "owned" the bouncers or something. Leicester was his name. Maybe this is a different guy but it seems a bit ironic that it was parked outside the Leadmill all the time?

Thats Leicester Divers you are talking about! He was one of the Top Boys in the BBC (Sheff Uniteds Hooligans) He had something to do with Charles street nightclub and Brown street when it was open, but I dont think he had anything to do with the leadmill! Could have been his though?

The opposition never used to see the back of Leicesters on many occasions. I have done my fair shair of running with the Blades as a chabby. Doesnt really impress the girlfriend all that much though and it doesnt go down too well with the grannies when I am sorting out their purple rinses.:)

I wouldnt touch that williams, not even to put a flyer on it as they are all nutters from what I have heard. obvously got some money as he parks the willy on double yellow out side the treadmill bar ever day and probably once a week i see a parking ticket on it but it never stops him.

Noticed some crazy nutter has had a go at the passenger side lock. Must be brave to mess with them.