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Williams drive shaft question

  impreza p1, williams 3
hello guys, oh, and girls, just a quick one, my n/s drive shaft has fallen appart, can anyone tell me if this part is the same as all the other clio models, a circlip holds it on so easy enough to change, thanks
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
i know they're swappable with the 1.8 16v shafts

I'm reasonably sure that the lower spec ones have the same tripod joint too... but cannot confirm :(

don't swap the whole shaft for an R19 16v one, they don't fit as well
  impreza p1, williams 3
i think they will fit too, i'll give renault a call and see if they do that bit, been told it comes with a shaft only, but i've replace them before on other models so they must come without the shaft