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Williams Stats help.

HI, I am considering among other cars a Clio Williams but the stats seem too slow. I have found a autocar test online that gives 0-60 / 7.6 and 0-100 / 22.8 both of which seem a touch slowish for the power. My Fiesta RS Turbo was slightly quicker as std (test by evo). I can only assume its actually quicker than this taking into account the 106 Gtis book time of 0-60 / 8.6 secs being way off and most french hot-hatches being quicker than book time. Anyone help?

The 16V seems as quick as the williams:confused:

Oh and reliability, we had a few mk1 & 2 clios in our company and their reliability was terrible, are the Hot Hatches better? My RS Fiestas have always been reliable but rust came as a non-optional extra.

I am also looking at a 306gti-6 / maybe a VTS:oops:(cheap & fast) or another RS but the Williams is on top of my list.

I know:D but there is one for sale near me for £3995 with 28k on the clock but I think my feet are too big (size 9 ) to fit on the pedals:D

what the stats dont state are the power band of the williams. It starts pulling at 2500rpm as opposed the high revving 16v and VTS. they are very quick in standard trim and can quite happily play with 172s with minor mods. A guy on this site (jon) only has a full exhaust system and panel filter but ran a 14.8 1/4 mile and is level with a 172 0-100(?). The massive power band means you can get power down out of corners instead of having to keep it hot like with other hot-hatches. i would pick it over all the other cars you suggest but would also seriously consider the 306. Reliability is not a major issue but maintenece can be expensive

Thank for the reply, Sounds good. I like the 306 as its a bit bigger but the Williams is a bit "special". Its a car would have always liked to have.

The 306 Rallye is nice. Its the same engine as the GTi-6 but a bit fater as its lighter. Its Very basic but If I bought one I would make it true rally-esque. No rear seats, roll cage, decals, bodykit, vents blah blah blah

Carlos - I had a Clio 172 MK2 until 6 weeks ago and I was routinely beaten by Craggy in his Williams 2 (although his is a flyer and my 172 was a touch down on BHP). Ive just bought a Williams 3 and can safely say that it is a very, very quick car indeed. Subjectively Id say it is as quick as my 172 was and yes, they really are "special" cars in looks and performance. Just on the test drive, the car was turning heads, unlike my sh*tty 206 GTi!


Most high performance Renault engines can vary quite wildly in terms of power output. If you pick up the latest Performance GTi magazine, then youll see that most of the standard Williams on a rolling road day made 140bhp at the wheels - which probably equates to a fair bit more than the quoted 150bhp @ the flywheel. That said, sometimes you hear of one that makes poor power.

Its the same with the Clio 16v - some are definitely making more power out of the box and occasionally you hear of one that is a slowmo.

The performance stats of the Williams arent particularly better than the 16v. But having driven Loftys Williams-converted 16v, I can tell you that my tuned 16v will have a headache when we finally get to "compare" the cars on the open road. Thats becuase the Williams has 85% of its torque at 2500rpm - whereas the 16v has to wait until after 4000rpm for it! So in a straight line theres not that as much as youd expect in it - but when you introduce corners/roundabouts etc, then the 16v is left easily.

If you want an in-depth explanation of the differences of the Williams over the 16v, see the "Articles" section on the main site and click the 1993 CCC review.

Dunno about fiesta turbos but you need to change to third to get to 60 in the Williams which slows its time by a bit. Plus its 20.8 to 100 just to be picky. At the end of the day you can just turn up the boost on the rs and beat a williams in a straight line but that isnt what the car is about, its for chasing scoobies down b roads.

The 306 is a nice car and I think you have the difference spot on it is a bit newer bit nicer bit more common depends what you want. I still think they are more dear for same condition as the clio which is why I got a williams. Plus the rallye is only 16kg lighter which is nothing on a 1200kg car.

Good luck all sound choices (even the VTS!).


Hello mate. If you can make it to the BB Performance Tuning day on the 9th and if you ask nicely I will let you have a go of my willy 3 if you want to.

Craggys car was able to pull away from my 172 with just a de-cat, as far as I am aware. Once he had it chipped (I think?) it pulled away even more convincingly (git!). We also timed Craggys car 0-60 at under 7 seconds with a rather heavy passenger using an AP-22 accelerometer. Think he did just over 7 seconds with 2 passengers.



You decided to come back to the fold! (of hot Renaults that is!) When do you pick it up? Well have to all meet up some time and you can show me your new toy :D I had a walk up Chatsworth road on Saturday, but got bored (and cold) before I found the place youre buying it from!!!

Im thinking of buying an AP22 so we could use that instead of dangerous side-by-side drag racing!!! :sick: You had a play with the Captains AP22 didnt you? Was it pretty accurate do you think? (And where the heck is the Captain these days - did someone lose him down the side of the sofa, along with their remote control???)



Hi Gazza thanks for the offer but due to my location (Northern Scotland) I can only assume im a bit too far away:(

Quote: Originally posted by Gazza on 13 January 2003


Hello mate. If you can make it to the BB Performance Tuning day on the 9th and if you ask nicely I will let you have a go of my willy 3 if you want to.

Paddy - yes, sorted. Have made a complaint about Bentleys of Sheffield to the finance company and trading standards and am fully intending to sue to feckers unless they adequately compensate me.

matt - Hope to have the car this weekend. I decided that Renault can remember how to produce a decent hot hatch. Peugeot seem to have totally forgotten.

Wasnt too keen on the side by side racing into oncoming traffic, so yes, an AP-22 would be a good idea. In the unlikely event that I ever have any money again, Ill get one. I think their fairly accurate. It showed that Paddys 172 was quicker than mine and that Craggys Williams 2 was quicker than pretty much everything. Something that has been proven on the drag strip and rolling road. So yeah, pretty good accuracy.


PS: No offence to Joe, but I dont think he would have got lost down the side of the sofa, do you?!
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Even if a Willy took twice as long to get to sixty as a Fiesta youd be getting there in ten times more style!

LOL Nick if i ever get round to it ill post a pic of my last Fezzie, one of only 71 moondust silver FRSTs made, with Escort Gti (cossie type) alloys instead of those 3 spoke things. It was v.v.nice.
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Is that the Top Gear Williams report?

If so, I posted all the txt from it in ur post on :D

i forgot if you test drive one dont forget to drop the seat right down. There are a few articles on the cliosport main page.

Sorry mate

I think I didnt add it as a proper link...try again:

If this dont work..try and look in reviews.


Hello again Louise,

Yep thats the top gear test. Feel free to do what you like with it.

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rhys mate welcome back to reno ownership mate..... told ya .. u wont regret it lol u comin to the meet on sat????

oh and just for the record not stirring anything up or owt like hehe

but......... i think i can confirm that on the strip my car is STILL quicker down the strip than craggies lol.... and thats even after he had it chipped on the sly ;) and as for bhp ........well 149 @ the wheels sounds ok to me for a standard car




It was having your Williams overtaking me at great speed that made up my mind what to look for. Oh yeah, and Craggy kicking my ass in my 172 on several occasions.

I reckon 149@ the wheels for a car that is meant to make 150 at the fly. Same RR day I got 136bhp at the wheels on my 172. Mmmmm....thats not right!

So, what is this additive that you swear by then (as mentioned in PGTi)?
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lol john ur right about one thing, yours has got a better time downs the strip...........but, i said id had it chipped to most people, you weigh a lo less than what i do, and i had a crappy airfilter set up on that had been on for decades, anyways, mine wouldnt touch 80 in 3rd when it was standard, yours does 87, which coincidentally is what mine now does now its chipped!, anyways, your a seasoned 1/4 miler, iv been twice too, andim sure i could have knocker 0.08 of a second off to level up!, but as iv not managed to run lately ill concede that youve done the 1/4 mile 0.08 of a second faster than me:)

  williams and trophy


c u sat mate

hows the diet goin ??????????????

oh btw mate iv double checked

1st ??mph

2nd 55ish mph

3rd 80mph

4th 100mph

5th 1??mph ........... come for a spin on sat wiv me il show u
  williams and trophy

rhys mate give joe a ring about the additive. his no.s in the mag article...............wot can i say other than taking your time looking at the williamss that are for sale and getting an original one with low miles and a service record as long as my arm (all from reno too) and that has been well looked after, added to a couple of slight mods and a few other bits n bobs and thats what u get. a quick, rare car that can upstage quite a lot of whats on the road. ul be finding that out as of sat mate lol good luck n u gotta make it to the meet.hope to see u n ur new chariot there