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Williams/Valver Vs 205 1.9 GTI

when i had by 16v and now that ive got my williams theres one car ive always wanted to race but never got the opportunity.

Im sure someone has, let me know how you got on.

cheers dudes

i raced a pug 205 gti, it was well modded so not sure if 1.6 or 1.9 cos badge was colour coded. also i was three up and he was on his own. from the lights he toasted me, but when we later slowed for traffic and accelerated again i was reeling him in quite convincingly!

cheers guys

i was gonna get a 1.9 gti a little while back but i couldnt find a nice example for a sensible price so i never drove one. theyre meant to be fairly similar to the williams but not so forgiving on the handling. anyways im happy with my williams its much faster than my old valver

Ive not driven mine much, but in my honest opinion, the Willy is a better car. I cant really put my finger on it, but the Willy just feels better balanced through hard cornering. And the engine feels stronger. Just my opinion though.

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I rided a pug 205 1.9GTi with the MI16 engine... really FAST on the revs.. even idle is lumpy wild.

drag raced a std willy... 2ª gear and bye... I assumed 3 cars of distance on 400mts.

It has the GTi gearbox thou.

I met up with one... had to stop for it to go passed on a roundabout.. let it go by and then hammered it after him, he saw me coming and floored it...

lets just say the mid range power of the williams proved decisive, his had what looked like a peco back box wheras mine had knackered old plugs and a crapped up air filter...

I went sailing by at about 60 mph.. thats even with giving him a rolling start off the roundabout

Id back a williams against one of them any day of the week and twice on sundays.. his was a G reg though and looked in pretty ropey condition, maybe it was down on power

My mate from work has just bought a mint 1.9 GTi and admits that mine is quicker (both standard apart from exhausts)

Not had a chance for a head to head yet though
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The 1.9s are best in standard trim. Any mods like the 2 litre conversion puts too much weight in front of the front wheels and craps up the handling - understeer city. My friend has a Miami Blue 205 gti 1.9 and its gorgeous - absolutely standard apart from balanced crack, polished head and balanced clutch. It is pretty darn quick id say!

i had a atandard 205 1.9gti (well air filter and stainless steel exhaust), and there is no way its as quick as my valver. a williams would eat it up. I no the 205 ran nice cos my mate had a mint 1.9 and the speeds were indentical.

The reviews i have give the 1.9 Gti a 0-60 of 7.9 but also a 30-70 of 7.9 where the williams got a 30-70 of 6.9.
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i raced one when the williams was standard, if i remember rightly i smoked him. he had a passenger though
  CTR EK9 turbo

i hate it when people put on the "sagging" Guuuuutman front grill - it ruins what a perfectly able designer (pininfarina) had already achieved.

Totally agree that front grill looks really out of place.

Having a 1.6gti box with the mi16 engine makes a big difference to acceleration too.