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Williams2..... how much

Looking on Autotrader at some of the 172s for sale... with nice wheels and lowered etc already... i really wouldnt mind one now...

What sort of price should i ask for my williams if i were to sell it.?

38K miles to date


immaculate condition inside and out no scratches/dents/tears/marks.

Has Hillpower Induction kit

Scorpion decat back system (includes decat pipe) (and it doesnt rattle!!)

Momo racing steering wheel

Sony headunit cd player + amp in boot powering 6x9s on parcel shelf, uprated front speakers



£5000 ono, maybe more if you dont mind waiting around to make the sale for more money.

I wouldnt swap though!
  Golf GTi Mk1

Trickys about right, i would say between £4800 and £5000 would be a good price for a Willy2.


I agree with tricky....Why would you wanna swap but horses for courses I spose....

...Mine has 92k on the clock and a geezah was gonna pay £6800 for it before I backed out......depends how quick you wanna sell it...£5k is far too cheap if its as good as you say mate.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

What has possessed you to want to change from a Williams to a 172?

I got £6,000 for my Williams 1, so you should be looking to get around that I spose. Depends how long you want to hold out for.

I wouldnt make that swap, but each to their own....

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

RenWill, £6,800 is bloody good money for a 92,000 mile Williams.... you should have bitten his hand off!


Keep the Williams. I dont think my 172 was any quicker than my Williams and, dare I say it, the Williams handles better!


thanks for advice

ill hold on to it for remainder of the year at least... it was gonna be a 172cup... not just 172 :)

who knows... maybe the V6 24v next year :D

Hiya Paul,

How ya getting on with the awesome new beastie then?.

Yeah I know 6.8k is good money...and the guy had looked at 5 before settling on mine. Thing was....after a final blat...I just couldnt part with her....I will probably be buried in it :).