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Willy/Mini Moto/Gixxer....

lol, how the hell did you ride them all at once? ;)

nice mate, im getting an R1 in a few weeks now the weather is getting better.


Just goes to show, too.. that there isnt a better looking hot hatch really, is there?

There are a few which are close.. (Audi S3 for example..) but the Williams owns them all.. hehe.

Quote: Originally posted by Davehughes on 02 April 2005

could ave shown a good minimoto

im just a beginner, ive been told on the mini moto forum it is one of the best quality chinese imports so im happy :)
  172 cup,s2 rs turbo

ive got two. an air cooled 49cc with power pipe,14mm carb,63 tooth rear sprocket,big bore piston/head kit,performance reeds and treaded tyres. ive just bought a water cooled one and that is well rapid proper blasts my air cooled one and thats pretty quick.

i have got a mini moto not as good as that one how much was it.

where do people meet up with their mini moto manchester area.

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i race all over the country in different champs on out side gokart tracks. for info on minimotoing go to my bike cost me £1500, i race in the minimotogp, whelsh champ and southean minimoto champ plus ne others i want to enter