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windows phone 8.1


ClioSport Club Member
Windows phone 8.1 has been released today for developers, anyone can download it by searching the windows store for the developer preview app and then once its installed and activated you just go into your settings and check for updates, it then comes in 2 parts

So far the new version of internet explorer seems faster, you can open more than one rather than messing about with different tabs

Android like swipe for the keyboard is brilliant

A new notification centre like android/symbian seems a nice addition but not used it much.

Anyone else tried it?
I've had iOS, Android (currently Nexus 5) and various windows phones. I think I prefer the windows OS out of all of them.

Really looking forward to trying 8.1


ClioSport Club Member
I struggled a bit with it to begin with, loved how smooth and fluid it was from day one but lack of functionality coming from Symbian was an issue for me but I learned to work around it and now as every new update comes, more functionality comes with it. really looking forward to the quad core handsets coming in the next 2 months