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Windows vista home basic

My laptop came with vista basic and I have a genuine license key printed on a sticker on the back of my laptop.

I'm after a vista basic download to stick on a dvd... where is the best place to get it?

I've tried a couple of torrents but they just all seem corrupt, either full of viruses or files missing/damaged.

This is installing on a new hard drive so no recovery option, not that I have the recovery disk anyway.

Any ideas?


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Ive had tones of laptops i've needed to rebuild as we were selling them on at my company.. I ended up having to download the disks from newsgroups and then use the legal key stuck to the laptop.
Yea similar here, my laptop which fooked up turned out to be memory and hard drive failure. So i've replaced that and want to put vista on it for my mrs. I'm then going to buy a mac.

So newsgroups are the best?

Torrents seem to average about 30-40kb/s lol, take a lifetime to download and when they do they are corrupt.