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Wireless router

  MY10 R35 GTR
alrighty guys.

Me wireless router broke the other wk. :( back to runnin a f+++ing cable across the room again.

Anyone tell me which would be the best one to get preferably one thats AOL recommended.

Price limits bout £100. Could go over if need be.


  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Bin the AOL dude.

I like the Netgear ones with the 5-port hubs in the back. :) Got one myself and its pretty good.
  The Bus and MRT
A word of advice Funnycar, steer clear of the any of the 802.11n range of routers, they're the ones that are supposed to be 300Mbps, I've just got one from Netgear and it's piss poor got it connected using a cable at the moment it's that bad. My mates also tried the a non 802.11n Rangemax one from Netgear which is also terrible.

If you are going to get one I'd definately recommend a Netgear DG834GT 108Mbps Super G Wireless router. No problems with one of them and they're pretty quick as well. I'm going to see if Netgear will swap mine for one anyway