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Wiring up front Speakers Help Please!

just put my rainbows in the front but wasnt sure which wire went to positive and which one went to negative on the speaker?

i looked on the white connector block but couldnt find any obvious clues as to which should go where!

also one side had blue and brown wires and the other side had purple and yellow wires which didnt help lol

can anyone shed any light on this for me cheers?

  Megane R26
Did you cut off the original speaker connector, If so, check the connector to see which wire is pos/neg. Rainbow's should have marking by each coonector telling you which it is, normally find the bigger of the 2 connectors is +.
the rainbows say which terminal is positive and negative on the speaker but im just using the standard reno wires that are already in there and they dont say which is which on them :(