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Wont start....foooked TBH

  Corsa SXI 1.7 DTI
Ok last few days having a problem....driving to work and engine tempgauge shot up to halfway....what its notmally at after 20mins then carried on climbing until my warning light came on...before dropping back down to halfway and sitting there got home that night lifted the bonnet ..and boom no water in teh header tank so filled it up and went out again....exactly the same to my mates lifted bonnet again coolant tank empty...filled it up again and it just kept drinking it ....poured more in and it just vanished down the pipes.....none leaking onto floor but 2 1/2 litres it was filled to the -MAX mark again.....once again drive...warning light....empty tank.....

thath was 2 days ago.....go out tonight to go collect a very pretty lass up to come back to mine and "watch" a dvd.... and car just wont start atall.....filled coolant tank up again and its just drinking it without starting.....

  Megane dci 130
Sounds like the head gaskets gone water to cylinder. Next thing to do to confirm this would be too whip all the spark plugs out ( see if any of them are wet), then spin it over to eject all the water in the cylinders.