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Worth getting new centre section?

  BMW E46 330i Touring
Right, I've currently got a standard exhaust system with a custom 182-style backbox (passenger-side mounted backbox feeding 2 exit pipes, 182-style).

I ideally want to keep the backbox but upgrade the cat-back to release any small amounts of power there are to be had... is there any point getting a cat to backbox section made up by, say, ProSpeed?
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Ah, but will it be worth it if I'm keepng the same backbox? How much restriction is caused i the standard system just between the cat and backbox?
well you have got me there lol, i noticed from having a ss cat back that it revs more freely and seems to be a bit more responsive if that helps
I can recommend the powerflow place on marsh barton for a custom stealth system, dan said it all looked great, cost £200.


  RB 182 Cup
All depends on who fits it. Had Powerflow custom stealth 2" cat back system fitted last month at Top Gear Doncaster.

Quality is good, fit is spot-on. Little boomy at low speed/revs, but revs more freely higher up.

Mine seems to have lost a bit of torque low down. And it grumbles/booms a bit when using the torque from say 2-2500rpm whereas it used to be really quiet.

Hopefully re-map from pmurray RS Tuning should smooth out the torque.