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Yellow V6 with stripes - Ipswich (KARL)

  A4 Avant & R52 S
After all my sport spotting in the southwest, i thought i'd branch out to suffolk! lol

Yellow V6, i'm sure i've seen some really nice pics of it on here.
KARL on the plate, with black stripes, saw it at a Shell petrol station (don't know the road name as i'm not from this area, even though it feels like i am sometimes!)
  An orange one
he was looking at cater/fields one of the more extreme jobs the superlight R or something?
  A4 Avant & R52 S
Sure am :)

Well actuallym the Mrs is from ipswich, so we pop over there every now & again to see the in-laws.

& i did have a little chuckle when i saw a Cliosport.. knowing i'd HAVE to post it in the Spotted section lol

(main reason, i do remember seeing some really nice photos of that actual car on here at some point)
  A4 Avant & R52 S
I'm trying i'm trying lol
I don't go over your way that often..
i need to make an effort,
i shall write it down in my geeky cliosport spotters note book..
(i havn't got one really!!!)