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Yozza modification

Alright, as you know the Yozza is f**king loud :D but i love it
Looks like I'm gonna need my car daily and I have to say that exhaust is making my driving experience really hard to enjoy
Still I dont want to lose it so I came up with the silly idea to stick a resonator in the centre section (Janspeed/Piper style) Im looking around and gathering quotes from ddifferent exhaust centres atm

do you reckon fitting a resonator will manage to tone it a bit down and cure the drone??

Yeah it's definitely doable Al.

I even think Fred used to offer the "oooh... suits you sir" version of the Yozza when he supplied them by special request.


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The only thing that'll cure a Yozza's noise is going deaf imo. ;)
ha ha I'll second that lol
I just wanna try to soften that horrible drone you get over 3k rpm that makes your ears bleed
I like it loud though!
Nice to hear that was an option available Wick! Ive been quoted around 110 quid to do the job.


  Yozza'd Blue Bus
mines decated and its only loud inside if you have it at certain RPM.

mine did go alot louder when the fire ring and manifold wasnt seated correctly to fit the the decat but once i got a new once and sorted that it was fine.
yes I put them back recently because of the drone, i might be able to strip it back if the resonator does the job though
I happen to use the car almost daily now and I cant live with that noise, different when it was just my weekend car
How about selling it and buying an alternative that's quieter? I've got a Milltek and i can assure you it's more than bearable on motorways etc...
had one, the noise level is absolutely perfect but after hearing a Yozza the MIlltek just sounds like a big fart to me
it lacks that raw raspy tone, Im not after a quiet exhaust i just want to tone the drone down and a resonator should do just fine
its a straight through design so it wont compromise the gas flow while cancellling some nasty noises
I'd swap it only with a silenced Janspeed, but I'm pretty confident to say that a Yozza+resonator will still sound 100 times better