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yozza? worth upgrade

  clio 172 cup
but a cup recently with a "stainless" system use the term losely as once glance at it its clearly not all rusted blowing at most joins silencer splitting new to clio scene but heard yozza's are one of best you can get so a few questions are they as good as there made out to be and also how much will one set me back new or 2nd hand.


ClioSport Club Member
worth it in my unbiased opinion ;) (i have one on my 182) will prob out last the car put it that way. i dont know what they fetch for on 172 unfortunately but im sure someone will be able to help with that side of things i paid £325 2nd hand for mine a while back still love the noise now


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
I think they're £450 new from ktec but they're branded as JP now and not Yozza. I sold mine for £280 after a couple of months as it did my nut in.

Flat Eric

President of the KMAG fan club.
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  F31 35d, Berlingo Na
I think they are great exhausts not that loud really either, well, not when your in the car they arent. Good at 70-80 on motorway too.

Get one!
^^^That Chris i find hard to beleive?? they make a right racket i could here yours over mine on the motorway to fcs and you were behind flol

Flat Eric

President of the KMAG fan club.
ClioSport Club Member
  F31 35d, Berlingo Na
Well in the car itself I don't find it really droney. Only under acceleration it's loud.
Don't you like them Martin?
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
Yeah I think they have a 172 system left.

They are about to release two new systems for the 182.