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Recent content by big hp

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    pics of my new hybrid

    Lovely car. You bought it off my mate Dom. He said he'd sold it sunday morning. I live round corner and sold my williams on the thurs night lol.
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    Detailers in Buckinghamshire

    Anyone? my williams is in VGC but has a few light swirls in certain lights. How much?
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    private number plates!

    Clio 2.0 williams
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    Super sprayer

    I use megs shampoo in my gilmour, hot water and as mentioned above a good shake to start the bubbles off. Works a treat.
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    Aylesbury/Oxford = Cup phishing!

    Good thanks borg. You? Poncho day for me, bricks will swim off on there own in this weather.
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    Aylesbury/Oxford = Cup phishing!

    I'm in aylesbury, got a mint williams 2. simon lives just round the corner from me.
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    Water Coolant Empty Overnight! HELP!

    Most common leak on clios is water pump. Should be visible water marks if the pumps leaking.
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    my valver

    I know hence the ;) Do them in anthracite if they were mine.
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    my valver

    Looks nice pal. Those turbines look awful, black will be much better. them R19 rims certainly stick out the arch ;)
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    yellow 182 on elmhurst rd in aylesbury

    Theres a few cliosports is Aylesbury borg. Think the Liquid yellow one has been posted up before but there not on here IIRC.
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    got my 172 cup today

    Borg get some proper pictures up.
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    Tax disc positioning

    It has to be on the screen. I had mine on the dash board and got pulled by the police as one of the road side tax van things couldn't read my disc. Was told it has to be clearly displayed in the bottom left hand corner, on glass.
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    Valvers - Fuckin awesome!!!!! :D

    1/4 mile isn't just about the engine - Although Has a Williams recorded a 14.1 with off the shelf chip decat and filter like Chris's Cup? No. -------------------------------------------------------- Martins old hybrid with above mods done a 13.9 IIRC
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    Valvers - Fuckin awesome!!!!! :D

    My williams has a exhaust, decat, supersprint manifold and a remap and makes 151 @ wheels. proven on 2 RR's one of them being hillpowers rollers ;)
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    Valvers - Fuckin awesome!!!!! :D

    Re: Valvers - f**kin awesome!!!!! :D As 2 live said if you like your valver you'd absolutely love a williams.