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Recent content by Clio_novice

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    wana save cash on comms bills

    try for some info and tips. Its very helpful.
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    My Retirement as CS Events Manager

    Cheers for all of the work you put in Nick, i made it to a few of the meets and had a great time wen i was a member. Good luck with your new plans.
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    fcukyn car parks

    This happened to my dads car in a safeway carpark and they paid for the full cost of damage. Just keep onto them as they will probably think its a small price to pay to keep a customer happy and shopping with them. Also a couple of hundred quid is small change for a massive multi billion££...
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    What are the best 172 cup tyres

    My eagle F1s are sh*te in the wet, wont be buying them again.
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    Audi A3 vs Clio

    My 206 gti beats my mates audi A3 1.8T and i know a 172 would kick my ass. So he has no chance!
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    HELP (Vote) pls!

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    Age old cleaning question.

    Afternoon people, Im getting rather fed up now of my car always being covered in sh*te coz of the dirt at this time of year, and as ive finished my bottle of meguires (sp) Gold class shampoo i can clean it very well. So before i order some more meguires is there any other make/product i...
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    Insurance on a 172 at 21

    IVE just turned 21 and im going to get a 172 as soon as i find one and direct line have quoted me £690 FC for the year. At the mo i pay £550 on my 206GTI.
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    Planet Audio

    Whats the spec of them? and how much were they?
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    Is this any good Looks ok to me with 300 watt RMS, so do you reconm it would be any good or does the price reflect the quality? Cheers Phil
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    Is this Amp any good

    Just been looking for a 2 channel amp and found this just wandering if anyone has any experience of it or weather you know if its any good?? might use it to power some front comps or bridged for a sub. Cheers Phil
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    How Loud is Ur Install

    (y) Thats got to be quote of the month! Soo true!
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    Amp and Sub ’elp

    If you want to run the comps and 6x9s off 1 amp then it will realistically need to be a 4 channel. ie 1 channel for each speaker. Then as regards to the sub, a monoblack would be ideal or maybe a cheap secondhand 2 channel amp bridged together for the sub. I think you could also get away...
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    Sunroof and C/L Receiver

    I have a brand new reciever for sale if you want it. £15, which is less than half price. Your key doesnt need re-programming if you just change the reciever. I bought it when i had my RT but needed the whole imobiliser system fixing now the reciever and never got round to taking it back. PM me...