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    172 wiring diagram request

    Hi, Does anybody have the official 2003 Clio 172 wiring diagram which shows the loom connectivity of the bonnet open/closed switch? if you do could I have a copy of the page showing the bonnet switch please? I've found some generic clio 2 wiring diagrams but none show the bonnet switch, only...
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    dashboard door open indication fault - 2003 172

    Hi, I've bought a 172 and the dashboard warning light suggests that one of the four switched doors/boot/bonnet is open. I was led to believe it was a switch problem but I don't think that it is. The real issue is that when I lock the car it just makes a continuous whiney beep from the engine bay...
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    Original xbox modding help required

    cheers fella's, i should point out that there is no modified chip installed and the soft mod does not seem to be working. it only boots up games not iso files of installers burned to disc. will the slayers stil work before i download it?, or should i say, is it still worth me giving it ago in...
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    Original xbox modding help required

    I know there were a few people on here that used to tinker with them and i was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to how i could get out the the pickle im in. i used our version 1.6 xbox for a long time as a DVD player for my daughter then just the other day cottoned onto the soft...
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    My new toy

    i bought myself a honey bee cp2 last year, along with some training legs, 3 sets of blades and realflight G3. after about 2 weeks of realflight i decided to fly the heli in the garden, what an absolute joke, the thing will just not stabilize for any kind of hover, i can get it up in the air, but...
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    D40 settings question

    thanks ukaskew, sure enough its in there buried in the CSM/setup menu. oh and my wife loves your website, its her D40 btw.
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    D40 settings question

    call me a r****d, but I cant seem to get the camera to continue its numbering sequence after the memory card has been cleared, in other words every time we take some snaps then take them off the card the next batch have the same numbers and end up needing to be in different folders. anyone...
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    2nd hard drive power cable? (internal)

    think i have sorted it. i need a SATA cable not a power cable, doh
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    2nd hard drive power cable? (internal)

    hello, im not really clued up on upgrading my pc but i decided to add a 750gb internal drive to my 320 one thats already there. took the case off and slotted her in, then plugged in the ribbon type cable. only to power it up then realise i couldnt find it on the pc. after much deliberation my...
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    wiring of master bt socket (trying to speed my bb up) *pic*

    lol, easy answer is to not let bt in your house. first thing i did when i moved in was rip out the hideously misplaced bt master socket off my front door frame and stuck a tidy little connection box in acting as a joint to get my prs to a more conveinent place. then got some 3 pr ran...
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    Best Game Console and Game u've played on?

    it would have to be Ocarina of time for me for sheer immersion, although a link to the past was the best of the previous generation.
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    im stuck on gow :( the big RAAM thingy!

    killing raam on insane on your own takes a loooong time. i flew through insane, theres a few tricky bits (like on top of the train with the troik guns) but killing raam is enough to drive you mad, at this point i didnt know what co op was all about i wouldnt have thought you got the...
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    anyone else counting down the days lol? got my 360 but i cant bring myself to buy anymore games as i just get bored of them and resort to COD2 again online. right now i think id rather get out my snes and play a link to the past rather than saints row or just cause. dont suppose there is any...
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    problem with media players on desktop......

    help! on windows xp if i open a media player ie windows or real player it opens the program and shows up on the taskbar at the bottom but when i click the tab to display the player and controls etc it goes off the screen! ive tried the move option when you right click but i cant budge it. so...
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    xbox 360 is it worth it?

    its ghost recon mate, whats your tag ill keep an eye out for ya on cod, im BubblesDeveere