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Recent content by cswclio

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    Magazine feature kick off

    Hi everyone, my local motor factors are looking into the possibility of a local magazine creation, based around the general car enthusiasts genre. The magazine will vary in tastes to cater for a wide audience, ranging from in-car-electronics, exterior styling, interior styling, engine...
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    Guide to Spraying allow wheels?

    or if you want to do it properly, take the wheel and tyre to a tyre centre, ask them nicely to take the tyre off and then go through the steps, much easier then.
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    Loudest Clio Ice

    I would like to say me with my project ice clio, but its a bit excessive, running a diamond wall with 8 12" subs, four amplifiers, 5 batteries, and a rediculous amount of sound deadening. Will be doing the scenes shortly, just coming out of the bodyshop as we speak. Aiming for mid 150s
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    Door Cards

    I'm in the process of building two 6.5" woofers into my show project car, you could fit anything there in moderation, however i think a 10" coaxial speaker from vibe, is possibly one of the worst pathways to go down, i would have gone for a good quality 6.5" component setup. Much easier fitment...
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    mounting screen in a mk1

    depends on how intricate you want to go, loads of ppl have adapted the top section of the dash to impliment a screen into it. If you want a good viewing central angle for driver and passenger viewing, i would look at possibly the heater vents, or even the centre console. Or look into sunvisor...
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    Clio mk 1 Dashboard

    be interesting to see this done, ge some piccies of it when sprayed, also what you using to spray it?
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    custom headlight conversions??

    anybody got any pictures?
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    custom headlight conversions??

    What has been done to the mk1 clio. I've seen all the direct replacements, but who has gone the extra step and installed completely different headlights? I've heard rumours of a leon conversion.....
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    Sub Insulating

    autoacoustics, but hes on about mounting the subwoofer in the floor, thats easy mate, just make an enclosure in the spare wheel recess and bobs ya uncle. You can either make the most of the space in there and fiberglass the spare wheel shape or you could simply just box it out and seal a false...
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    engine alarm cut out problems

    I have a 1.2rl mk1 phase three clio. I stripped the dash and all the connectors for bodywork to be done. I've gone to rewire everything today to start the car, and the renault standard engine cut out keeps switching the engine off, and the key recognition switch keeps flashing on the dash dials...
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    My New PBX Goodies :D

    don't be daft, course u'll heard the front speakers amped with that amount of power, their completely different frequency ranges. I would certainly consider sound deadening the car tho, clios do like to rattle a tad, and btw, excellent kit, i challenged their van in the finals at oxford and lost.
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    Bass Bra

    fecking insane!!! is it ported through her mouth?
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    fiberglass installhow much is it worth

    hey guys, I just bought a new car and my little clio has to be sold up, so excess to requirements. Just after an idea of how much i should be asking for for the following install : theres the link to the pics, scroll down...
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    richbrook tax disc holder

    i have one for sale too, only want a fiver for it, like new. drop us a pm, its in silver