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Recent content by Hodgins

  1. Hodgins

    Misfire - tried most things, help!

    guys i need your help sorting a misfire, Its a 2004 1.2 16v I plugged it in and it was saying misfire, cylinder 4 No problem, so number 4 being (closest to engine mount) i pulled the HT lead off and no change, I then plugged it in again and it now says cylinder 1 (nearest gearbox) but if i...
  2. Hodgins

    FancyPlates alternative

    I use DMB graphics for mine, theyre around £15, but ive been buying a new rear plate with them and they are £23.95 for both delivered. Quality is great, They dont advertise them on the website, I usually email them telling them my requirements and then they email back telling how to order
  3. Hodgins

    Bonnet release catch handle screw

    If i remember its a torx bolt, unsure on dize though im afraid
  4. Hodgins

    What paint could I use on brake discs?

    i used silver High temp paint from halfords on the focus, mask as much of the disc as you can/be bothered to, when dry go up the road and touch the brakes and all the excess will come off leaving a nice edge lol
  5. Hodgins

    Lost my only car key

    change the lockset with ecu, uch and all that, some kits go for less than £100
  6. Hodgins

    Cup Spoiler Brake Light Connector

    ahhh good tip on the laguna there, i did this with mine
  7. Hodgins

    Cold start clio running rough

    interested in this, mines dreadful when cold, but upto temp it drives with no issues, also now and again on a cold start, i get an erratic idle for the first few seconds. its had new plugs, and i havent cleaned the throttle body for a few thousand miles so thats my next job
  8. Hodgins

    Heater resistor question.

    @liamr88 just replaced the full pack mate for the sake of £17 its not original but it works fine
  9. Hodgins

    Heater resistor question.

    A mate's resistor pack, packed in two weeks ago, his was stuck on full blast instead off not blowing And i only replaced the part for him today, so hes had the heaters full blast for two weeks so would be the same i guess? Lol
  10. Hodgins

    40 MPG 1.2 clio

    I do 350 mile a week commuting on mainly dual carriageways at 70mph Trip computer doesnt go below 43 so dont know what that is in the real world
  11. Hodgins

    Cruise control dropping out with indicator

    maybe the standard issue of the connections/earths for the rear lights? when indicating the car may think you're illuminating the brake light and cancelling the cruise?
  12. Hodgins

    Clio 1.2 16V manifold bolts

    Yeah im sure the flange from cat to manifold is stud and nutted and the manifold stays in place
  13. Hodgins

    Clio 1.2 16V manifold bolts

    I thought the cat just bolts to the manifold just after the little flexi section?
  14. Hodgins

    The Mysterious Beeping Noise

    Sounds a strange one, maybe worth getting a video of the noise and uploading, In regards to the starter, i thought mine was on my way out on my 1.2 16v, id turn the key and nothing happened (yours doesnt sound like this but worth a look) The little white exciter wire to the starter motor, the...
  15. Hodgins

    Rear seat release clips

    Really common to snap, Replaceable too, theres a guide in the guides section, just a little fiddly