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Recent content by lokqust

  1. lokqust

    Bridge camera timelapse

    Don't want to have to worry about lenses etc and I'm pretty thick so would rather spend the time learning on something a little simpler in operation.
  2. lokqust

    Bridge camera timelapse

    Hi all, Trying to get back into photography particularly keen on time-lapse of landscapes etc. Looking at sub £300 bridge cameras to fit the bill. Found the Finepix S1 which I like the look of for the confirmed time-lapse mode, adjustable view finder and the rugged body for when the dog eats...
  3. lokqust

    Your 2015 Game of the Year

    Dying light and far cry 4. Both great games and the Co op on dying light is great
  4. lokqust

    Should I go to SWR?

    Used them alot on the cup - great.
  5. lokqust

    Games you hope they bring to next gen

    Quake arena.
  6. lokqust

    [Current/Next Gen/PC] Far Cry 4

    £29 on Amazon at the moment for next gen
  7. lokqust


    I enjoyed it. Loved the modern vette, looks so brutal from inside under WOT.
  8. lokqust

    [Next Gen/PC] GTA V

    Free monster truck you say? Awesome.
  9. lokqust

    The XBox One Thread

    Live is currently down on Xbox one
  10. lokqust


    Just got this today from the wife on Xbone. Like it so far but it keeps giving me an error message "no internet connection detected" and chucking me out of the campaign. Anyone shed any light on this? My internet is indeed still connected.
  11. lokqust

    I miss this old ****...

    Just checked my previous cars. All in the scrapheap except my first mint 04 clio dynamique.
  12. lokqust

    Members in Scotland

    Ewan - Dundee, Passat 170 DSG
  13. lokqust

    Cleaned this today (exige s content)

    In the last photo where its under the cover makes me laugh at just how small a car they really are when you see it parked in a modern garage which normally wouldn't fit anything in. Looks the business, especially in red.
  14. lokqust

    Black ph2 V6 Elgin

    Believe it used to own to one of the Oggs, but not sure if that's still the case.
  15. lokqust

    New French Car

    I looked at one of these as it's a lot of car for not much money but the engines reputation spoiled it for me. Only met one person with the same car and he was having coking issues. . .