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Recent content by Mister_Lee

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    MK2 PH1 1.2 Grande - My First Car

    Looks great. I had very similar mods to you on my old car which started out as a 1.2 Grande. The small Speedline stickers are a nice touch.
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    Crying out for lows

    Reminds me of my old one. It's worth going for coilovers, I tried the 60mm apex it didn't quite sit right and to be honest I was just disappointed and ended up with a coilover set later on. Keep your eye on Gumtree and eBay, sometimes they crop up cheap. When fitting the coilovers, I did...
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    Non-Sports In Here..

    That was on coilovers mate. I had to change the hubs over to 16v ones to make the coilovers fit. (That Clio was only a 1.2 8v).
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    Mister_lees copycat PH1 progress so far

    Bit of a complicated one, it was on another persons property a fair few miles away and I was too ill to recover it at the time. So I decided to cut my losses sadly and get a relative to sell it as scrap on behalf of me faced with the cost of transporting it over and arranging storage. Happy to...
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    Mister_lees copycat PH1 progress so far

    Thought I'd end the thread with some old pictures. :approve: Ended up being taken away by a unknown scrap man when I was Ill last year. Anyone know where it is? DVLA says it's still taxed! Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    ET36 wheels fitted , size spacer should i use F+R for stance?

    Done a bit of research search and decided I'm going to buy the bolt onto hub - hubcentrics. However clueless on what size I should go for front and rear on my non sport with et36 wheels and 15/45/195 tyres???? Anyone got a rough idea what I could go for? Just have a bit of tuck on these wheels...
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    Restoration Man; Mk1 Naples Valver.

    Hats off to you sir. Looks a minter.
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    Clean dCi

    Looks good, nice mods.
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    First car, Ph1 1.4 8v (project nicole)

    Has potential. Back lights don't look too bad to say they're tinted and I liked the exhaust. I have colourcoded phase 2 strips on my ph1, they look better. Your rocker cover and exhaust shield are begging to be sprayed up on this though! Gloss black Rocker cover, painted silver block would look...
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    I messed up..... fitting my radio

    Got the sub and amp in the car fine iso sorted.... however somehow i thought it would be clever to cut off the aerial and solder it up to another wire with the correct connector on it ( i have a alpine headunit so its a jap shorter diameter aerial) but obviously i cant solder it up because its...
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    Roof leaking water. No idea where its coming from.

    With the recent weather, my roofs began to leak. Not sure whether its a sunroof problem or not as the water is leaking onto the housing of the roof interior light and the roof is damp near the windscreen. The aerial appears to be dry with no signs of water leaking through it which is why I'm a...
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    My oem+ de- chavved ph1 clio 1.2

    Thanks for comments! Yes they are, its pretty simple to do. Pull the strips on the rear quarters to the front end side of the car. Pull the passenger door stips to the rear of the car. They slide off. They do sometimes take persuasion and are held tightly but do come off. Worth to mention the...
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    My oem+ de- chavved ph1 clio 1.2

    Its not sold, still on the drive as my daily! :) Had 3 viewings waiting a few days till I received its supposed replacement (6n2 gti) to find on a friends ramp the veedub was an absolute shed. Thanks, yes I did. They weren't that hard to fit think I used a guide on here a while back, I kept...
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    My new Clio 172 replica

    looking smart, wish I had such a car when I was 18. Get rid of the black and it'll be fine as it is!
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    Today's efforts to smart the dCi up!

    I wouldnt worry too much about one screw missing, after all, the wheel bolts fix to the hub help fix the disc in position, so its going no-where. Good job on the tidy up! :approve: