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Recent content by Rhod.L15

  1. Rhod.L15

    WRC Rally Sweden 2013

    Cheers for all the comments. There you go. Cheers, Rhod
  2. Rhod.L15

    WRC Rally Sweden 2013

    We stayed in a little place called Grasmarks around 45mins north of Karlstad. Spent most of the event in and around the town of Hagfors (pronounced Hogfosh apparently); then on the last day we were just over the border in Norway. About a week before the event there was hardly any snow around...
  3. Rhod.L15

    WRC Rally Sweden 2013

    My latest Rallying adventure took me over to Karlstad in Sweden for Round 2 of the WRC 2013. This was by a LONG way the best event I've ever done, if any of you have a chance to do it in future, sell a kidney or something if you have to, its incredible. Coldest temperature we saw was -16, so it...
  4. Rhod.L15

    WRC Wales Rally GB 2012

    Thanks all, and yeh the weather (and light) was pretty horrendous for the whole weekend. Rhod
  5. Rhod.L15

    WRC Wales Rally GB 2012

    Got up at stupid o'clock three days in a row, walked miles until my legs nearly fell off, got blown over by 50mph gusts on Myherin (those wind farms are there for a reason!), got stuck in massive traffic jams...but I'd do it all again tomorrow! Although there were only 30 cars entered and a...
  6. Rhod.L15

    AWDC Comp Safari, Nicky Grist Stages & Coracle Stages 3 For 1

    Rather than start three separate threads I thought I'd lump them all in one thread. First up are a few from the AWDC 4x4 event at Brynfynnon: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Next up was the Nicky Grist Stages, held over the Epynt Military Ranges: #6 #7 #8 ^This Escort has a 300bhp...
  7. Rhod.L15

    At least I didn't swerve...

    Not what you want to see when eating your food!
  8. Rhod.L15

    Garage can kiss my arse

    I'd definitely have a moan about the damage, that's unacceptable IMO.
  9. Rhod.L15

    Nikon 17-55 f2.8 thoughts?

    One of the lads I shoot with (mainly motorsport) swears by his 17-55. He's taken some blindingly good stuff with it. Very fast and sharp as s**t.
  10. Rhod.L15

    Your Driving History by Numbers

    Years Driving: 9 and a bit Test Passed: October 2002 Cars Owned: 5 Total CC: 8.85 Total Miles Driven: 100k (ish) Most Miles in One Car: 30k Money Spent buying cars: £30K Points: 0 Police Stops: 1 Crashes: 2 minor crashes, neither of which were my fault. Fastest Speed Driven: 130mph Fastest...
  11. Rhod.L15

    Idiotic Parking by CS member (Pic included)

    What the actual f**k?
  12. Rhod.L15

    A few from my recent Events...

    Cheers, thats the feel I was looking for so glad to hear it's worked to some extent. Cheers for the feedback Dan, will keep that in mind for future. I have to say though that looking at the original on my laptop, it doesn't look anywhere near as bad. Cheers! The main concern when shooting at...
  13. Rhod.L15

    A few from my recent Events...

    Rather than spam up the boards I thought I'd post a few shots from my last two events in one thread. Although they were only a week apart the difference in the weather was ridiculous. For the Mid Wales Stages it was like being in the Arctic with snow and hail showers, and then it was like the...
  14. Rhod.L15

    March Photography Competition

    I can't see anything in the rules which says you can't, unless I've missed something.