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Recent content by Rob182

  1. Rob182

    Racing Blue A19

    How have we got the same usernames? I keep getting email saying I have been mentioned at Cliosport ?
  2. Rob182

    iPhone 4S Fooked

    What happens if you plug the phone in to the computer via the USB cable, does iTunes see the phone? If iTunes can see the phone then you could try and restore in iTunes (you will lose you data) if not already backed up. If not get a DIY kit from ebay (about £4 - do not try to open the phone...
  3. Rob182

    iPhone 5 - Calls Sound Like I'm Under Water

    EE does it all the time, our company phones (2000+) are crap and everyone moans about it so if OP is on EE thats what the problem is not the phone!
  4. Rob182

    How many Liquid yellow 182's are left out there?

    This was my old car first owner after the dealer, does anyone still have it? It's not on the insurance database so maybe no longer on the road ( or now on a private reg)
  5. Rob182

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Yeah right near the end!
  6. Rob182

    New iPhone this October??

    Re: iPhone 5 this October?? My phone is now dead, so i am thinking of getting the 4s for now and putting it on ebay in a few months, then upgrading to the 5
  7. Rob182

    Computer almost falls over when playing YT clips

    I reset safari every couple of weeks and i use a program called 1password to deal with my logins. 1password remembers all your passwords and you can log in to sites with 1 click of a button (you can also make your passwords more secure)!
  8. Rob182

    Computer almost falls over when playing YT clips

    Same problem with my MBP i7 (since upgrade too) Updated to the latest flash player and then repaired permissions and reset safari now working fine :) Chrome, firefox worked fine just safari which was the problem!
  9. Rob182

    If someone told you..

    yes it would but you would also burn the f**k out of the clutch!
  10. Rob182

    Silver 1*2 with orange grills

    yeah sounds like the one, looks good! ill look out for you as high wycombe is my work area! If you see a ADT car wave at you it will be me ;)
  11. Rob182

    Silver 1*2 with orange grills

    Seen near Marlow hill a few days ago Anyone on here?
  12. Rob182

    Urgent help needed - Restoring drive

    does windows 7 still use fdisk? if so use fdisk to repartition the disk then try and restore, remember not to overwrite any files to that drive as you will not be about to restore! Also have you tried Handy Recovery?
  13. Rob182

    Netflix comes to UK in 2012

    Silly question, what is IF on the ATV2?? I have jailbroken mine so is it just an app to install?
  14. Rob182

    MacBook Memory

    I don't know but when i updated my results went up for the geekbench score.
  15. Rob182

    MacBook Memory

    have you looked at from want i have read its meant to be one of the best memory you can get! (i bought mine and its working fine and its very quick too!) and its cheaper :D Noticed a huge differences when running parallels...