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Recent content by weyland

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    wanna trade my cup for a 172

    Sorry, did not mean it to come across like that.
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    wanna trade my cup for a 172

    In an ideal world sir you would have something very different (and better) than a 172 OR a cup for "playtime"! Bye Bye
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    Oh! I’ve Just Driven A Cup!

    Driven my brothers cup plenty of times, feels no different at all to my mk2 cliosport, you more than likely have a dud mk2 cliosport, as I have beaten a few mk2s lately. As said on this post, a lot depends on if you have a dud 172 or not. For example, here in Dusseldorf the other day, I raced...
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    Best Renault Ever

    Used to own Alpine a610. Awesome, best renault I had. Bye Bye
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    Why buy a cup

    "I got the Cup because of the performance advantage it has over the 172 (no arguments please - its quicker - I have proved this time and time again with all the 172s Ive met on the roads)" YAWNNNNNNNNN, YAWNNNNNNNNNN. I wonder if people that will buy the new 04 CTR ( lighter flywheel, reworked...
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    Where does this cafr stand

    Owned both 172s, prefer mk2 on looks and kit, with performance just identical. Bye Bye
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    Performance Figures

    Who cares?, cup and 172 are passe now that the 182 will be the fastest of them all. What was the point of the cup if gonna be replaced by something faster and more desirable? Answers on a postcard please. (please not say marketing.........) Bye Bye
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    Ditch the spare wheel

    Your car will not be any quicker at all, do not ditch it or youre in trouble when you get a puncture. Tyre weld is absolute puddie. If you are that anal to save weight, only have a gallon of petrol at a time in the tank and race between each filling station, you save 30 kilos over normal...
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    tyres up for a change

    Jeez buds, contisports are not that ridiculous. Actually have among the better dry grip out there and cost is among the best competition( wet grip is puddie though ) and , GR, you need to do more than 400 miles to scrub the tyres in properly so they perform better! Bye Bye
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    My Cup’s got a Vtec lump in it!

    Agreed, 150 in a cup? errrrr NO! 140 indicated is more like it . The bad aerodynamics of the clio would shaft you im afraid and you would need well over 200 horses to do it, with TBs or even better. Bye Bye
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    172 sold, what next......

    CTR build quality is better than cliosport, as will straight line speed, but only just. Is it worth 5-6k with trade in? Hell no! Bye Bye
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    Be scared, be very very very scared!

    If you want very, very ,very scary friend, try driving an r500 on the limit, now that car is very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very scary. Bye Bye
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    I’m glad I got a 172 and not a CTR

    Hi Mr abuser, Arent we insecure, blimey chap, I did not realise I touched your g spot like that, not even your type r gets you that wet does it? I will not be telling autocar because I do not care by the by and yes I did find some wet sticky stuff in between my legs, belonging to your mum...
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    I’m glad I got a 172 and not a CTR

    The CTR is a fantastic car FOR THE PRICE (I used to have one for 18 months so I would think that). However, insecurities aside, I think that you will find the average CTR is fractionally faster than the avg 172 in the real world, so it really makes little difference on the road, but 14.7s to...
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    CTR. Why is it quicker

    CTR wins, but only just. Have raced many CTR in the clio and many clios when I had my CTR. By about 135 velocity, the CTR has 1 to 2 lengths ahead but cosidering there is a 4 - 6K price differential in real terms(30th ae ctr for example compared to supermarket 172) the moral victory always goes...