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Recent content by Will.

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    Guess who's back..... (Clio 220 Trophy content)

    Was wondering when you would drag yourself in here. Kind words as always.
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    Guess who's back..... (Clio 220 Trophy content)

    Thanks for the welcome guys. Good to see some familiar names. Done about 700 miles in it now and still loving it. My 60 mile round daily commute is a breeze with the auto box but a quick flick of the gear stick to manual and a press of the RS button and I can have some fun. I will be taking...
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    Guess who's back..... (Clio 220 Trophy content)

    The guy I sold my Megane to, told me after a weekend of thrashing it, the clutch went. Glad I didn't give you a lift home the other week!! Yh the options are the same as far as I know. If they hadn't been the Recaro Sportster ones like the Meganes have, I probably would have got them as I...
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    Guess who's back..... (Clio 220 Trophy content)

    No, looking at the seats, they weren't special looking enough for me to warrant them. The standard seats hold you in position plenty, and are a significant upgrade from the Recaro Trendlines in my Megane that were so unsupportive. Indeed, me again! I'm a bit more mature these days though...
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    Guess who's back..... (Clio 220 Trophy content)

    Hi all. Been away for about 4 years while I owned my Megane. While I enjoyed the 225 Megane, it was forever fearful of things going wrong and having to spend £££ on it. In the 4 years, I had spent a lot on it and as it was on 125k, it got to the stage where I wanted a new car. I was going to...
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    South West Beginning of Year Combined Meet - RR + Photos + Karting

    Just a suggestion from someone that has held a RR meet before.....there's not a hope in hell that you'll finish the RR session in 2 and a half hours.....
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    iPhone 6 thread. Heads up.
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    Excel help please....

    vLookup.....? Hi :o
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    From a 182 to a 225 F1

    Get signed up to Lots of info over there :)
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    Macbook upgrades This one is the upgraded version that Tom listed. Although it has a few less GB storage.
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    A "Perfect" Experience?

    Final Fantasy 7 on Ps1.
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    **show us Your Engine Bay**

    Please tell me, what is JDM in that picture?
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    Le Mans 2014