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  1. D

    Remote lock not working - Clio 2 phase1 1.4 16v

    Hello to everyone! New member and new owner of an old Clio 2 phase1 here. I just got the car and the remote lock-unlock doesn't work (from both keys, the 2nd doesn't even get read properly from immo cause car doesn't start with it). The previous owner warned me about that though. I tried the...
  2. F

    N/s/f window replacement

    Evening all. I recently had trouble with my key fob not doing its literal one job and allowing me to risk my life on the roads. After discovering the physical key does not open the only lock, replacing the annoyingly difficult to find battery, and attempting the whole coat hanger to abort the...
  3. Ferds

    SN64LCX - £100 anyone who can put me in touch with previous keeper 🙏🤝

    Hello all, I need your help, and I’m sure we have all been in my situation; or know someone who has so hopefully if you read on you can help me out. SN64LCX is a car I bought from a dealer. From day 1 it has had gearbox issues. Trying to back the car and it’s proving difficult for a multitude...
  4. H

    Renault Clio 2007 1.2l 16V turns on and off

    Hello everyone, today I was driving normally in the 4th gear and I noticed a car in front of me that is starting to brake, I "downshifted" (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not very familiar on cars) from the 4th gear to 3rd so I would slow down and then my car suddenly turned off by itself...
  5. B

    Why the interior lights dont work?

    I have a Clio mk4 and my trunk light was the original halogen bulb but I didnt like it so I bought 5w5 led and I was trying to put it to the socket. I plugged in the connector but the bulb went off a little, and I was sooo dumb and I was trying to put back the bulb with a flathead scrwedriver...
  6. Manmr94

    Fuelling problem clio 182

    Hi, when i try fuelling my car the fuel nozzle do not run ok, i have to do too slow because it is faster i cannot keep trigger pressed and then i have to press and unpress a lot of time. Has somebody any solution?.thanks.
  7. David172

    Whiteline ARB fitting problem?

    Hi all, Currently trying to fit a new rear ARB and I have a slight probelm 😬 Doing up the nylock nuts on the links is stupidly difficult. Im having to use a breaker bar to get the nut to turn. In the process the link has been bent out of shape! See pic.. Should they be this bloody tight...
  8. ClioDude55

    Clio only runs for a few secs!

    You I have a 1,2 16v 2002 Clio. I have taken the valve cover off with the intake and all the wiring. Plugged everything back in and now my car only works a few secs with the electrical light on and dies when the light goes out followed by a ticking noise under the left headlight. I have the code...
  9. tragfx

    Few problems with 1.4L 16v 73kW

    Hi there, I recently bought a Renault Clio 1.4 but since then it's gotten a few problems and I can't seem to diagnose what is. I hope someone here might be of any help. The car sometimes has a check engine light and when checking it with an OBD it says misfire cylinder 3. So I replaced the...
  10. I

    Car won’t rev when engine is on!

    hi! I’m having problems with my 2001 manual Renault Clio. When I turn the engine on and put into gear to move off, my engine won’t rev meaning my car won’t move. When it happens I turn the engine off and on again, and keep having to restart the car until it revs. It doesn’t happen all the time...
  11. A

    Power steering problem (pump is working, no leaks, new pressure switch)

    Hello, So I have a power steering problem. Mechanics checked the pump (I took it out and gave them to check) and said that it is working properly. Today I fitted new pressure switch but it still do not work. There are no leaks, the fluid do not disappear. Where could be the problem? Thank you.
  12. T

    Is my head gasket blown?? PLEASE HELP

    i have a 2005 1.2 Clio (mark II) 124k miles Started noticing a significant loss of engine power, struggle to get the revs up, gear stick shaking violently while stationary at traffic lights now it’s at the point where it can barely even get up a Hill in low gear, hill starts are impossible...
  13. SWL16

    Speedo Problem

    So after doing my dash conversion, before I put the dash back on, I checked that the speedo was working OK and displaying the right speed (vs. cruise control). All good, happy days. Put all the dash back on, screwed in and take it for a drive and I get this... Notice the needle move to the...
  14. 20vKarlos

    In your opinion what’s this noise??

    Hi all I’ve had a 182 offered to me with this engine noise... What do you think it will be? It could be a perfect car to run alongside the 172 track car! So I’m rather interested in knowing what it might be. Apparently it’s had a recent service and started making this noise after the...
  15. M

    Bad vibration after lowering

    I've recently put Eibach pro kit springs on my car and now it has a really bad vibration through the full car but not the steering wheel when I hit 60+ mph. We've Rebalanced all four wheels and got them to zero, but now its gotten a lot worse and can now fell it coming through the steering...
  16. J

    Mk 3 Clio reverse lights not working - switch and fuses fine but unconnected cable in engine bay?

    So my MK3 Clio (57 plate) reverse lights aren't working and we've checked the fuses, the switch (changed in the last week anyway) and found nothing except this weird loose cable. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Or how to fix the lights if unrelated. Also the rear left light cluster has...
  17. ThatKidSmokey

    Headlights point down??

    After a couple of seconds of turning the engine on My 197 auto headlights point down at the road giving me 2ft of vision at best during night time drives, I've been told that something may have "popped off" anyone got anymore info on how to fix this?
  18. J

    Please Help!

    Hi guys, so I own a 1.2 16v Extreme 3 clio. I've had the car for 6 months now and i've been getting this problem The thing is, it will only last for a few hours untill I turn on the car next, the light on the right will still be on, but usually the next day there are no lights at all. The light...
  19. R

    182 steering problems

    Hey can anyone help me... First of all I get a squeak when I start the engine first time of the day. Usually cold. Then a wee bit before hard lock it will squeak pretty bad I have just done the gearbox and clutch. By dropping the subframe, Now when I'm in say 5th gear accelerate 60-70 then...
  20. 20vKarlos

    Starting problem... new battery, won't start! n

    Right guys, Yesterday I went to pick up my bargain Clio 172, I was told prior to winning the car that it just needed a battery and it would start up. It was last started a month ago by the kiddies dad. I arrive, change the battery and nothing happens, not even a click... so I was thinking...
  21. C

    Cold start problem

    My Renault Clio mk2 1.4 16v doesn't seem to like the cold. If it's cold out side when I first start it it will Rev it's self really high up in the revs and if I try to drive it will just bog down and stop. Sometimes when I I'm driving and the car it's at operating temperature it will do the same...
  22. M90SR

    Revs bouncing on cold start, please help!

    Right so my car has done this for as long as I can remember and I really want it sorted now as its annoying. If I start the car instantly when cold (so from ignition OFF to ON) the revs will bounce up and down for about 5 seconds then everything will go back to normal. If I left the ignition in...