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  1. G

    Clio Cup Race Car Mk1 for sale

    Hello fellow Clio rs fans! I have somewhat of a forgotten gem for sale, the very 1st Clio rs in history. Registered in week 50 of 1990, this was made a year before the road car went on sale. A genuine RS Factory race car with less than 22,000 miles, an MOT and even the factory Renault Clio Cup...
  2. FrogJam Motorsport

    Fred and James’ Clio 182 Racecar Project

    I’ve wanted to start a project thread for a while but progress on the car has been a little of the slow side whilst doing the fabrication work on the shell so there wouldn’t be regular updates. However we have just started to paint it so now there is light at the end of the tunnel so thought it...
  3. J

    172 Cup Hillclimb / Sprint Car

    Hi, This is my first project thread on here. I wanted to start a thread to document my attempts to get into racing, my development as a driver and my cars development... My Background In from Sheffield, been obsessed with cars since I was a kid, went to University to study Automotive...
  4. JP83

    Steering Wheel and Boss recommendation

    So I already have a Sparco dished wheel, and I believe an OMP boss. However, with my B&G quick release fitted, the wheel is a tad close to the gut. Long term solution = lose some weight. Short term = a flat wheel, and maybe a shallow boss? Any recommendations on something that won't break the...
  5. GrahamV182

    M100CUP - RB 182 Sprint and Hillclimb Car

    Chapter 1 – How on earth did I get to own a Clio? 2016 will be etched in my memory for 3 main reasons - Brexit referendum; Trump being elected as the leader of the free world; After 50 years of motoring I bought my first French car – a Racing Blue (RB) 182 for Hillclimbing and Sprinting...
  6. Brushwood69

    Advise to Rally, Track or Sell

    Hi All, I'm looking for advise as to what to do with my Clio Cup 182. I bought it on a whim as it was too good to miss but.... I already sprint this.. Co-drive in this And just bought this and already sprinted it! So what do I do with the Clio? Invest money and turn it into a Rally Car...
  7. D

    Clio 182 Track Car

    Hello Here's my 182 track car purchased earlier this year, it's not road legal and all of the work done to date was done by the previous owners and so far its a good job.
  8. Mash.

    Track phase 182

    hellloow.. So recent events have forced me to part with my 182 (which can be seen below) lots of money has been poured into it as you can all understand, and is currently up for sale. It recently underwent a bit of surgery due to a crunching 3rd gear and a dodgy starter motor, so I decided...
  9. Tomotek

    TomoTek - 182 Track Build here we come!...

    Hi Everyone!.... I have owned two Clio's since December '13 and have finally got round to joining up on Clio Sport as a full member! I bought a Silver 172 as a general run around, and also a Arctic Blue 182 which I intend to prep solely for the track I thought it would be fun to document...