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£500 - Decisions Decisions

  RS Clio 200
OK, so i got a choice....
for £500 i can do the following, but i dunno what to go for...

£500+ new alloys and tyres (got a couple of thousands miles left on my eagle F1's)


a mix and match from the following:
£245 for personal plate
£235 for front brake upgrade
£246 for pipercross Viper CIA Kit

any opinions.

at the moment im favouring the brakes (cos i aint happy with 172 stocks), and the CIA..... but the plate has been high on my list for 3 years.
  Nissan 350Z
I certainly wouldnt bother wasting £250 on a viper. Might as well burn the money by the sounds of things.

I'd probably go with brakes first, and maybe suspension second.
  RS Clio 200
i do plan to do the springs, but at the moment i wont be doing the shocks i dont think, which will keep the initial costs down and get a bit more done.

The brakes i think i must get done. The stock 172 brakes are not good enough for how i like to drive, and i wanna start getting into some light track days soon, so i think they are the most important thing.

Induction kit - are you saying that a bog standard 80 quid one will be just as good?


ClioSport Club Member
you can get coilovers for that money (i think)

or you could get a set of 40mm apex springs with uprated dampers for about £280 ish or something like that (dont know what uprated dampers the 2.0 boys use?) which leaves you with £200-ish for a set of braided brake lines and uprated pads or something like that

EDIT: just noticed your post...

i wouldnt bother with an induction kit, just stick a £30 pannel filter in your standard airbox could also get a hill power bend


  LY 200
If you really must buy a viper buy one second hand, there was one for sale in the for sale section, performace wise they are not meant to be very good, I have just sold mine for this said reason and will be replacing it with a MK1 172 air box cup racer style, was going to buy a Maxogen but £400 for an air filter is a no no at the moment :)
  RS Clio 200
i dont have to get a viper - i just want some performance gain from soemthing. it can be a sesami street special for all i care if it gave the best performance.

i need to look into the springs - i can change the springs myself, but im not sure id wanna change the shocks myself. so by getting shocks id pay more for them, then need fitting too.
  Abarth Grande Punto
pbirkett said:
I certainly wouldnt bother wasting £250 on a viper. Might as well burn the money by the sounds of things.

I'd probably go with brakes first, and maybe suspension second.

Agreed alot of money for not alot of gain. Cosmetically it looks the nuts but that is all you paying for IMOA
  Nissan 350Z
To be honest i wouldnt bother with any induction kit whether it be with panel filter or open cone. The cone type will give a nice sound but will either not give any gains or will actually reduce power and torque, even if subjectively it may seem quicker or as quick because of the sound. And the panel filter, gives virtually unnoticable gains unless you get the car remapped to go with it. Honestly, I would save the money and stick with OEM - unless of course you are due a new filter anyway, in which case go for the Maxogen panel, no need to replace or clean ever again and therefore saving money in the long run.

Similarly, I wouldnt bother with just springs either. Fitting uprated springs without fitting uprated dampers will surely just wear the existing dampers out quicker, and probably will make handling worse, since the dampers and springs will no longer be properly matched to each other. Remember that the dampers on the car are designed for the standard springs. Actually, I find nothing much wrong with the standard suspension set up, particularly for the road. Even on a track I feel it would be ok....

Now... you have £500 and you want improvements. I've already suggested brakes earlier on. If you really want to drive fast with total confidence, I would suggest brakes are the most important things. I would say you should be able to get some good brake packages for that money. Even for about £250 should buy you some Brembo carbon discs, Ferrodo pads, braided brake lines and fluid that will offer substantial upgrades on OEM. That leaves you £250. I'd say you could get some uprated dampers, which IMO even with standard springs will offer signficantly more gains on the track than going for upgraded springs on standard dampers.

All IMO, but this is the best way to upgrade track performance for £500.