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1.2 V 172 Offical result!!

  Lionel Richie

Ok theres been a lot of (silly) talk about 1.2s beating Evos etc. Anyone with any sense knows that a 1.2 aint gonna beat much. Anyway, today on my way home from Maccy Ds a black MK2 172 came up beside me (had a zorst and sounded like it had an induction), i stuck my head out the window and nodded, and we both nailed it. Result???? Surprise, surprise 172 absoultely pissed all over me!!!!!! Gave him a flash, and he waved as i turned off. Reg was B*** WRJ or WRZ

OK - now thats sensible! I remember being totally wasted by a Williams in my old 1.2 - totally, totally, totally!

Mind you, I love the look of the Dynamique range. Its just a bit of a shame for 172 drivers that the latest 172 isnt quite as distinguished in terms of looks from the rest of the range in the way that the 5 Turbo, 16v, Williams and original 172 were.

In some ways its good that the 172 does not stand out,
1. less likely to get nicked
2. good for suprising people
3. I like the stealth/Q car approach although more people do know what it is now.

Its not quite anonymous for my liking! In my 1.4RT nobody bothers - I go out in the 172 and every spotting git in a Nova want to race it: a) Im running it in, and b) I wouldnt waste the petrol