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1.4 16v or Dci 80

  H22A7 Accord Type R

What you reccon guys? The Dci is cheaper to insure, going on the fact that i am 99.9% gonna loose my 2yrs NCB thanks to some un-insured scum. Liverpool Victoria seem to be giving some pretty reasonable quotes might be some hope after all?


I drove around in a 1.4 16v dynamique+ for about 6 months. Was very impressed with it was very nippy when you got the revs up.
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport

well think of the money saving on petrol...similar power too. i rekon the diesel. or f**k it all off and get a 172 or 1.6 like me!! hehehe
  H22A7 Accord Type R

cheers guys. I guess its gonna be a case of drive it and see. I cant aford to insure the 172 or 1.6 really, the diesel is cheaper to insure than the 1.4, and with a chip, im sure it would shift nicely, along with being easy and nice to drive with the torque. The 1.4 rev happy one sounds good also......we shall have to see eh

The 1.4 is a nice drive and a match through the gears for a lot of larger engined family cars.

If you do high mileage, then the DCi might suit. I think the message is starting to get through that a TD can be quick and fun to drive, but theres no hiding the fact that the 1.4 has a clear 25% more peak power than the DCi 80. Of course, you can tune it - but thats no solution if your preference is for a throbbing, high revving petrol lump (which the 1.4 isnt either to be fair!).

Id say it would suit you if you dont tend to thrash the pants off your cars and do high mileage.
  172, Tiguan

Well ive had a 1.4 16v and the DCi 65.

The Dci 65 was a brilliant car. You miss the nature of a petrol engine and obviously you dont get the excitement of loads of revs, but you do get 60 mpg and loads of torque.

In this case id go for the diesel.

I personally wouldnt be able to get over the noise.

Other than that, diesel all the way. After seeing that guy from Greece (i think) with a great big dirty intercooler on it i must admit to being a tad jealous! They just make more sense with the recent fuel prices.

  H22A7 Accord Type R

cheers guys! remember, i am coming from a 1.2 16v too...........and although it did like to wasnt exactly a throbber..........tick tick tick etc. The 1.4 would be better when you in the mood, but, day to day, real world driving of in-gear acceleration, think the Dci would be better, and when it gets boring.........i can always have it chipped.....and might even sound better with an exhaust hehe.

Its early days guys, but i truly LOVE the safety the clio obviously gives, i WANT another one.....and the Dci just seems to be good value on the old insurance also - - - considering!!
  Meg on pistonheads £6995

in the real world (mid range and overtaking) a dCi 80 is quicker than 1.4 16V and not far off a 1.6

I wouldnt swap for a 1.4 or 1.6 EVEN with a FREE fuel card for the Petrol!

Agreed. I would deffo have the diesel.

But then the vast majority of my time is spend in town/traffic and you just dont get to use the full potential of a high-revving petrol engine.
  The Jinx

Id have the diesel. my mums just bought my dci 80 to replace her 4yr old 1.4 16v. She does loads of miles and is really liking the dci.

Its a truly great mile muncher and not that noisy.

own both a dci and 172 now. the dci is easily half the cost to run including insurance fuel and bills i reckon. but the 172 is twice as fast, twice as fun.

as for the 1.4 16v, great engine and considered it myself 2 years ago but the economy of the dci won me over. save you a lot of money and you only notice the lack of grunt when you try and drive it flat out. keep in the torque band and it is fun sometimes

Ive got a Dci 65 very good engine economical and even my parents notice how quiet at 80 on the motorway it is even fully loaded which is good as they owned a E class merc not so long ago.

I would say personally the only Clios to buy are the 172/182 or the DCi the lower spec petrols arnt poweful enough to compensate for there low fuel economy IMO.

Liverpool Victoria are good particlarly with mods.

The dci 80 can be chipped to about 105hp I know its not fair but will be quicker in gear and driving round than a 1.4 even if it were chipped. Diesels being as hp powerful as petrols IMO make petrols redundant the only think they will win is in a 0-60 typr race when there both moving. Assuming equal hp the diesel will win every time when moving.

The amount a dci will save you is worth the extra they ask for in asking price and ther worth more trade in. Plus even if you rad it to death like me you dont care as you get 50+mpg all the time even 60 in the hot weather.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

ewwwwwwwwwww dont swear at me paddy lol!! i wouldnt qualify anyway - - i crash too much cause im a bad driver remember - i am a fanny magnet (not in the good sence) ;)

Quote: Originally posted by R3OBC on 27 May 2004

:) nice one buddy!!! Im thinking that the torque is going to go to my head ;)
Yep more torque than a 182 in the DCIs.

Take a test drive in one and drive it as you would normally and youll notice how much faster it is reving the nuts of them doesnt work.
  E55, KitCar & '85 Quattro

go for the 1.4 16v

i mean, sure the diesel will give u more economy, but for pure driving pleasure who cares about economy!!

motorways arnt too bad in the 1.4 either as it will hit 122 relatively easily and can do 105mph in 4th so u have the power to do some pretty sweet undertaking manuovers too (if u have to).

again on the motorways, for people who "cant b assed" to change down- diesel power is the answer and the dCi100 shud b quite a beast.

but again, if u really know how 2drive and make full use of the gears, then petrol will always win.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

too much to insure and buy paddy!! believe me ive looked lol!!!

edde - ive driven a few diesels n Turbo Ds, its all about bottom end i know ;)
  Mazda MX5 1.8

i had a similar predicament at the time of buying between 80 DCI and 1.6 16

altho more torque....... got the 1.6 on the cheap - and quicker so naaah to the dci

test drove a DCI and yes it FELT quickish (not as quick as 1.6) but just didnt satisfy you red lining it at what 5k revs? lol

Its all well and good having as much torque at peak as the hot hatch, but in order for the car to be flexible and rapid it needs to be able to call on the torque/power at a good range of revs.

The Willy makes not a lot more power or torque than the 16V on which its based, but it has most of it from 2500rpm to the redline. Im assuming that the DCi models have a great torque power peak, but how long does it last?

If the torque/power band was as good as the 1.4, let alone the 2.0, then surely it would be as quick in every measure (inc. standing start). Ive got enough experience of TDs now to agree that most are rapid if you use them for brief acceleration "sprints" (e.g. 30-50), but after that a more balanced engine is needed - be it petrol or diesel.