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16v tech question

my car is due its MOT so i have got to sort out a few probs,

the reserve fuel pump bracket has broke and needs to be replaced. the problem is i cant undo the bolts holding the remainder of the old one on, due to them rusting. i have used plus gas but to no avail, if i apply anymore pressure to the bolts to undo them the other bracket connected to the tank is going to break.

now this other bracket connected to the tank looks as if it has been bonded on by melting the tank and bracket together.

i would ideally like to replace both brackets if possible and start a fresh, however can the bracket attached to the tank be replaced?? idea....we dont do any plastic welding were @ Renault......

we would probably just replace the whole tank if it was that bad........safetys sake you know!;)

where is that pump? i went under mine the other day and i couldnt see it! My low fuel light does not flash first it just stays on. think its broke.

the outlet pipe broke on mine,there was no way we could remove those screws either so we just plastic welded the pipe with the pump in say drilling out the screws could be your only option if the heads round off

looked today and mine definately has no reserve pump!! the pipe goes straight from the reserve tank up to the top of my main tank. i can c where it should be but there never has been one. i think the pipe goes straight to the main fuel pump as it has 3 pipes coming out of it (older only have 1). must have changed it later on, mines a 96