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16v & williams - When and how much


Just interested to know when and how much you got your clio for?

Date of Purchase: 1999
Price: £6500 (trade)
Year of car: 1995
Model: clio 16v
Stats of mine are above, set it out like the above so easy to compare!;).

  BMW 320d Sport

Looks like you and me are the old school Aaron!

Date Of Purchase: 1999

Price: £6500 (Trade)
Year Of Car: 1993
Model: Clio 16v


This one probably doesnt count as its a while back and its a 19 16v but here goes ;)

Date of purchase 1993

Price 10465 (new)

Price 13000ish (new)

year of car 1993

model 19 16v 3 door



the 10465 is actually how much i got the car for the 13000ish is how much they were at the time, this car was brand new BTW.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Feeling left out.

Date of purchase: November 1 2002
Price: £2.45
Year: 2002 (I hope)
Model: Donner kebab YUM YUM YUM!


  Shiny red R32

What a variation in prices paid for these cars.

James seems to have paid a lot of money for an old car.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Date of purchase: Nov 2002
Price: £4400
Year: 2001
Model: Williams 1.

Complete stroke of luck as the guy ws due to p/x it the next day for a TT and they were gonna give him 4300 for it, so I topped it by £100 quid.

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Date of Purchase: Jan 2000
Price: £4995 (trade)
Year of car: 1995
Model: clio 16v
With history and lots & lots of bills!

Date: November 2001

Price: £4600

Year of car: 1994 (early phase 2 on a July "L" plate - rare/stupid: you decide!)

Model: Clio 16v w/leather (and engine mods:devilish:)

Date of Purchase: Jul 2002
Price: £6000
Year: 1993
Model: Clio Williams (no 226)
Was thinking I got gipped, but considering the car has been chipped and just had a full new Magnex exhaust system, then maybe not!

  TT 225

Date of Purchase: 2002
Price: £3250 (private)
Year of car: 1995
Model: Clio Williams 2 (54k on the clock) :D
  TT 225

Smiled sweetly? Hehehe. It actually belonged to my blokes best mate, who sold it to his mum to get cash for his new house (he just recently married)

She didnt have room for it anymore, so i offered to take it off her hands.

She was grateful for me taking it away :D. Think I was just in the right place at the right time. I wasnt even looking to change cars til I saw it either - and I couldnt pass the chance up !!

Date of Purchase : May 1998
Price : £11,000
Year of Car : 1995/M
Model : Clio Williams 2
This may seem a lot, but this was actually the going rate when I bought this - Infact a garage in West London offered me £11,500 the day I picked it up!
  Ph1 172, Mini 2.0l T

Date of Purchase : July 2002
Price : £2000
Year of Car : 1993
Model : Clio 16v
Its amazing how well they hold there price. I was looking at 205gtis at the same time and there was loads for sale all around the £1000 mark, finding a good one was the problem. Think I made the right decision.:)

Date of Purchase: 2000
Price: £6500 (Renault Jersey)
Year of car: 1996
Model: Clio 16v (standard with Leather)

Date of Purchase: 2002
Price: £3800 (Private)
Year of car: 1993
Model: Clio 16v (Standard with Leather)

Some interesting results here.

Cheapest (54k) [kelly] - £3250 - abosolute bargin!!
Most expensive williams bought in 1998 - £11,000! [iboswell]

1.8 16v
Cheapest looks like MarkLD at £2000 if what he says is true being mint than its a good price.
Most expensive 16v - looks like myself (aaronc), Nick Reed, and Outka5t (2000), all paid £6500 in 1999 which looks about the right price in that year.

Interesting stuff!:D

...because its made up of two cars! One I expect you got for a pint and a bag of pork scratchings from your cousin; the other from a house loft clearence sale!

Date of Purchase: April 2001
Price: £3800
Year: Dec 94 on M plate
Model: Standard White 16v
Think I got a good deal at time, the car was on forecourt at £4600, and was very clean without being mint. Anybody want to hazard a guess at its current value, cause a mate has offered me £2600. Dont want to sell but wouldnt mind knowing what it is worth, they are hard to value sometimes, as they fetch such large premiums over base model Clios.

Alex M

Date of Purchase: Dec 2001
Price: £3600 (Trade)
Year: 1994 L
Model: Clio Williams 1
Basically I got it for trade price as I new the trader I bought it off.


date of purchase: oct2002
Price: 1700 (trade)
Year: 1992 j
Model clio 16v

Brought it as a second car to my megane coupe . Havent drove the megane since.