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16v_paddy's ex-mint valver


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Well here's the pics from the unfortunate events of 5th Nov 08 :cry:
She started like this when I got her

Then she was like this :violin:

And now the aftermath :cry: :cry: :cry:























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shame that mate was a nice car . least you not badly hurt u goin for some whipcash then ??
  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
i read your thread local ish to me! its a wonder i never heard anything on the radio!


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From the original thread:
Well I have the overwhelming urge to cry my F***IN eyes out
my valver is in a bit of a bad state

I was going to see d_diddy to sort some parts out after I finished work. Coming off the A52 to get onto the M1 @ j25, going down the slip road and slowing down for the lights I heard an almighty crash & some scraping, then got hit by something - a wheel, hub, part of a rear axle & suspension
- smashed my rear qtr window and hit me on the back of the head & then in front of me I see a corsa flying & rolling through the air, over the top of me, followed by a lamp post all landing in front of me

The lad drivin the corsa, said he hit the kerb at 70 & it flipped him all over the place, how the f**k he got out that car I do not know ( I'll post pics later)

My lovely valver is fooked
I've got no doubt it will be written off, the roof is creased, B pillar & door are bent in several places, the rear qtr window frame is deformed.

The adrenalin has worn off now & I think a trip to hospital is in order as my head, neck, shoulder & back are pretty painful right now

No doubt its a write off the structure itself is beyond repair imho, it's bent & doesn't drive straight :(

Don't worry I'll take the clown to the cleaners ;)

I sort of feel sorry for the guy I've been on the giving and recieving ends of car crashes so I know how it works, we all learn from our mistakes some do any way :rolleyes:

I didn't go to punch fcuk out of the kid as I seriously thought he was dead and since I deal with horrible sh*t @ work a bit of professionalism as well as shock takes over and you just get on with what needs to be done.....just going to be a busy day on the phone tomorrow :rolleyes:

I will put pics up, just cba right now and havin a few beers with my m8s
I'll probably be drivin a celica gt4 for a bit while I decide how best to go about buyin another Mk1:evil:

they closed the slip road for a bit but it didn't take them long to clear it up & I drove home

Head, neck & back hurt like hell so goin to the doctor tomorrow
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  White clique
bloody nasty, and shame about the Clio. That is the worst case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time that i have heard of in a while!

Glad your all OK, but even so, what a pisser.


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Bloody hell looks like all came of lightly.

It's amazing what you can just walk out of these days - I am a testimate to that.


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Is it a proper write off then??

Got to be really, the B-pillar is twisted like a mutha fcuker - doubt you can repair or replace them :S would need a new door and a complete rear quarter panel, then painting. Would cost well over £1k for that to be done and it's only insured for £2k

is that riz's old V6?

Yes it is Fred, took those pics the day before, he was dropping it off to get sprayed by the guy who done my valver


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I've got an engineer coming to inspect it on monday, anyone had experience with this, anything I need to know or advice to give when dealing with the guy?
  mk1 clio hybrid
glad the best car of the two is getting fixed :) clio's dont die that easily lol glad ur ok i no what u you mean when the adrenalin kicks in its wierd..i got my bro out of my car when i rolled it and didnt feel the pain till a couple of hours after the crash.