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172 cup Handling Please Help

  172 sport
Hi Guy's

Im New to this site, Im looking for some advice pleaseee!! Ive just purchased a very nice 172 clio sport, on the test drive it was brill but now its frightning the life out of me LOL!!

Does anyone have problems with its handling, doing any kind of speeds the car almost loses control when you hit a bump or even a street drain in the road??? and it drifts quite a bit to.

It might be something simple but any advice would be much apreciated :eek:

cheers Nicole x
The suspension is stiff and there is little 'give' in the steering system, so any bumps or jolts will feed straight through to the steering wheel rather than being filtered out by soft, soggy suspension and over-assisted power steering - in time you'll get used to it and gradually realise that the feedback you get is a good thing! :)

Just take it easy for a while but make sure you always have both hands on the wheel (which you should anyway!)

Not sure what you mean by 'drifts' though??
  172 sport
Cheers for the reply...

I think your possibly right, I will take it easy for a while. By drifts i meant... almost what its like if theres a lot of surface water on the road and the cars got no grip/control.

ta v much for the info

What your experiencng hitting bumps etc is normal and down to the suspension/steering setup, as White16valver described. Cups do tend to tramline and get pulled about a bit, which can be disconcerting at first, but is really a rich stream of feedback that is there to be enjoyed :D

Good choice of motor!!


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As the other guys have said...probably dampers (known issue!) replacements are around the £50 each mark from the dealers...I got mine from cliospares in Wolves for £35 + VAT and got them fitted elsewhere!!!



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get the tracking and alignment checked and get the dampers checked/replaced.

sounds like the reason i went back to 15s to be honest, tramlining, but yours sounds a bit worse!


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d.brown said:
as above...

sounds exactly like your rear dampers are shot to f**k.

happened to me exactly like you described.

same here, i had a rear shock that was fcuked big time, 'interesting handling' to say the least..... i s**t myself lol!!!
  Clio Sport 172cup
LOL !! Cheers Guys.

I think I will get it checked out by Renault, I know it should take a bit to get used to driving it but it just seems a bit scary!!

The car is second hand so i suppose previous owner might not have been so carful with it lol xx

thanks for all the info cheers Nicolle xx
  Clio Sport 172cup
PS. I used a mates sign in to get info, Ive signed up now needed to get an email sorted first.

Is that why it say's BAD POST??
  RenaultSport Cup 172
Could it be torque steer? does it drift to the left on heavy accel as that took me a while to get used to!! The two hands on the steering wheel is very good advice as thats the first thing I say to anyone who drives my car for the first time. Take it easy for a while and im sure you will be fine, getting it porfessionally checked out is best..
  Clio Sport 172cup
Yes its exactly like that, ive just booked it in for tommorow, I will let you's know the outcome. :(

I hope its not fecked cause i really love it I dont wanna be put off Cups so soon.

:eek: Nic
  Ultra 197 ex 172 Cup
what type of tyres do you have, also check the pressure, if there 17" put the pressure to 32 on the front and 31 on the rear
  Clio Sport 172cup
Tyres are goodyears low profile,

Maybe its a combination of diffrent things.... My driving lol tyres too big, Fecked dampners or springs and traction? :rolleyes:

We shall see what the garage says today.