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172 fun to drive

Hi guys

Hey yo BenR i finally saw a post from u i thought u went underground man.

Anyway having a few nites with a S4 is pretty fun BUT i must tell u guys..... if u enjoy the actual driving experience haha i tell u wut the Clio 172 is way more of a drivers car than the S4.

Sure the S4 will whip any 172 in a straight line . (a few post from me about racing dumbasses in Celica n wutever) sure it does more than 250kms top whack sure its got twin turbo n lots of surge n yes its wayyyyyyyy more comfortable... n ok ok YES its 4 wheel drive. BUT NO it is not a bloody drivers car ... its aweful quick as a civilian car hehe but nah if u like to be connected to the car n actually drive it then 172 is definately more fun

oh boy good i haevnt yet made the move to buy the S4 just yet see how it goes huh.

yeh baby

but damn Audi do bring out the best built cars around ... sorry to say its luxury its fast its alto more prestige and heck lot more power

its just a decision really between whether u want a Continental cruiser or a drivers car

ur S2 looks awesome i think they might be puttin out a S4 coupe later next year since they got a A4 coupe on its way


a bit O/T but those are pretty good quality pictures, are you using a digital camera? Im thinking of getting one myself yuo see, but dont know what to get. Any tips?

Heya Ching.

yeah, went underground for a bit as the net only got sorted in my house today!

But i should be on a lot more now.
  Clio 1.6 16V

Spot on Ben,

Its a "sport" badge from a Megane sport. The wife kindly dinged my passender door a few weeks back on the pillar off an adjacent door mirror. Couldnt push it out properly so put the sport badges on the pillar (both sides to match) to hide the mark. Now that they are on I actually quite like them. Makes up for the "Sport 172" badges that we never got! ... well the Cup got them ...why not the 172!?


I did use a digital camera for the above shoots. I used a Minolta Dimage 7i (5Meg pixels) for the audi picture and an old Fuji 600MX 1.5Meg pixels for the Clio picture). If you can aford the Minolta go for it ...excellent results!
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Hmm I have a small ding on my pillar I think the sport badge will do the trick nicely....