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172- How much did you pay

Im convinced that Ireland is the most expensive country for cars (maybe Sweden is close). Especially after seeing the price of the 172 in Oz. So who paid the most and the least for their 172. I know were being screwed is also f**kin crazy.

Mine cost 26700 Euro = GB£16900

(Not an import and is of UK spec)
  7.6cc :D

Bloody hell Sean!

I paid £12,999 for a UK car....but to be far it was an ex demo with nearly 1000 miles on the clock!

i can probaly say i paid the lowest for the 172.

a grand total of 0 pounds/dollars/yen!!

i even have insurace paid and have all mods to my car paid for!!!

i consider myself very lucky to be able to be part of this great gang!!

oh...and even petrol is paid for!!

sorry, im feelin pretty smug right now. "align=absmiddle>
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

About £13000, Import,


3 years warranty.

Traction Control.

With CAT 1 alarm, reduces my insurance much more than the Renault CAT 1.

Silver Seal paint and upholstery protection. 3 year warranty with this (looks great)

2 year tyre protection.

3 years GAP insurance

Plus 1 crap keyring.
  Clio 197


I know what you mean about the Irish prices. Nothing like the VRT on top of the 21% VAT to get the price up there! You want to see crazy though, just look at Denmark prices!

The VRT sucks big time but it seems all the Irish public are really worried about is the price of the pint!

And then the insurance...

ex Dub, ex Oldcastle Co. Meath

Paid £11,700 for my MK2 172 in April. Its a dutch import. Price is UK spec on the road with a Toad Thatcham 1 Alarm and Immobiliser fitted

22.850 euro, including cd changer and 3 year warranty No ALARM
But the new MK2 172 costs now 26.600 euro in Holland!! and also NO ALARM

£11,992 On the Road. This was a Dutch import car from Trade Sales, Slough. Price includes CAT1 alarm upgrade, 6 months tax. The car is as per the UK spec (includes CD autochanger etc.).

Good Reg too - RN02 ***

Payed 8266£ here i Sweden. 12500 miles demo ex. My brother had it before me as he is a volvo/Renault salesman.
  320d M Sport

£12,900. Full UK from Renault. Was ex demo car, had only done 68 miles though, needless to say, i was happy...

  Clio RS 172

£25.000 Mk 1 clio 172 !! Can anyone beat that ?? And that is the normal prize in denmark....


paid £10,950 for ex demo, 02reg with only 4,000 on clock last october.included cat 1 alarm and 2 year warranty(import)got it from tins car super market(pentagon ltd)