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172 Sent back

I finally dumped the 172 back on the forecourt of the dealer I bought it from yesterday. You should have seen the look on the guys face when I told him I was rejecting it under the supply of goods act!!....:confused:

For now I am driving an 89 G 205 SR....with 130k on the clock.... It is truly awfull....

I will keep you posted on any developments.

Driver’s seat has collapsed and frame is loose.
Interior air sensor is making an excessive noise.
Steering Column creaks when turning lock to lock.
Driver’s window mechanism rattles inside the door when window is down about 5 inches.
Centre console around gear lever is loose.
Audio adjustment button on stereo is squeaking when pressed.
Passenger seat base frame rattles when in the fully forward position.
Passenger seat is not returning to its original position when seat has been in the folded position.
CD changer rattles.
Rattle on N/S dash board / window pillar.
Front section of exhaust rattles above 4,000 RPM.
N/S Front headlight steams up and has dirt on the inside of the glass.
Severe anti-roll bar rattle over bumpy roads and whilst turning.
N/S/R Speaker (or cover) rattles when stereo is on.

So, nothing too serious then m8...;)

Ear plugs would suffice.

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Like your letter....but is that all you have had go wrong with yours?????

"Audio adjustment button on stereo is squeaking when pressed."

Err.....Good luck
  clio 20v

maybe you should of bought a nice 5-series beemer

french cars arnt the best built and i wouldnt trust reno to change a wiper blade


but is that all you have had go wrong with yours?????

"Audio adjustment button on stereo is squeaking when pressed."
Chris - Like I said, that is not everything and it has been going for months. Now that Renault have given up, so have I. I dont accept sh*t build quality, that isnt why I pay my car finance.

I have some of those problems:-

Interior air sensor is making a noise.
Steering Column creaks sometimes when turning lock to lock.
Driver’s window mechanism rattles inside the door when window is down about 5 inches.
Centre console around gear lever is loose.(This came out in my hand as I removed the ciggy lighter!!!)
None of them really bug me too much though, I just put up with them!

Good on you for rejecting the car btw, hope it goes as well for you as it did for me!!

Its gonna be rough, its gonna be tough.. and we may not be standing up at the end of this !

(the above is not a literal quote, just a feel... the words were spoken by one of my all time heroes.. sorry, being nostalgic here.. but a new shiney penny to the first to tell me who I refer to.....)

but hey, its a fun car.. isnt it ??.. or, is the mere hummmm of the interior sensor drivng you barmy... ????

I personally put up with a MID RANGE build quality,, cos thats what i BOUGHT...

its NOT a beemer.. or a roller.. its not a porche in its raw wickedness... its a souped up hatch back shopping trolly.. NOT the height of luxury mobile 1997


You are taking the piss really m8,,,,, I do sympathise with you.. really lol !!.. but..........

you ARE taking the PISS yep ????

Joe.. good joke m8.. nice one !

just turn the music up a bit, (not too loud or youl get fined);)

have to agree with you though renault Leeds are crap,
  Lionel Richie

Centre Console is normal, nothing can be done about that, my window rattles, in fact the whole car rattles!!!! My steering coloumn has rattled from day one, Renault "fixed" it but it still does it. Warning lights are on every other week, you get used to it

You could send Watchdog the info...:devilish:

My car has been into RLW about 5-6 times for the same old faults + visits for servicing. That cant be right. Are Renault actually making any real money on the 172. I think the dealerships make reasonable money on the warranty repairs....:confused:

It isnt an Audi, Porshe....etc.. but maybe more QA procedures at the factory are needed.......:D

Maybe its just a small number of us that take the car back with most people accepting what theyve been given.:cry:

Saying that, I love my car although I bought it with my heart and not my head - otherwise I would have gone for a Honda or a Mini and preserved my residuals.....besides residuals or not, Hondas and Minis are two a penny around here and I have *never* seen a red 172 except at meets and the dealer.... :cool:
  Skoda Fabia vRS

wicked letter mate, hope it all goes well for you

are you gonna get a diff car then now ?.......or do you still want a decent 172 ?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

You should try a few track days m8 - Im always amazed that the whole car doesnt just fall to bits as soon as I get back to the pits! Mis-treating my car makes me a lot more forgiving of the odd rattle here and there. Hope you get a result and end-up enjoying your car though.

I have asked them for a replacement, whether I get one is a different matter!

I have resigned myself to the fact that if I dont get a new car out of this, I wont be having this one back anyway...So I guess Ill just have to wait and see what they say.

It is a real shame though cos its a nice car. Its just that the build quality and reliability are awfull, or at least they are on mine...
  Subaru Forrester

Touch wood my Jan 2001 Mk1 is solid. Apart from the warranty paint respray which took 8 months for the dealer to agree to its a great motor. I dont get any of these funny rattles and squeaks mentioned on here. Just prooves you dont have to accept crap build no matter what the car. Good on you for returning it and not accepting sh*t.

I dont care if its not a Beamer etc but £11k is still a lot of money to spend on a car for most people, and you expect it to a)work, and b) hold solidly together. If it doesnt then by all means reject it.

Joe, you havent said anything remotely interesting on this subject, in fact, all you have said is utter dog sh*te.

I thought this was a discussion forum, not somewhere for you to post your Forest Gump like statements?

Why dont you keep your gob shut and your unwanted ramblings to yourself M8? haha lol....:sick:
  EK9 + Mfactory gearing..

sorry to hear that mate, iv had no probs wiv my mk 2 coming up on a year soon.but i wouldnt put up wiv that dealer sh*te either, some fecker must pay :devilish:

Bit fussy James!

Surely its better to keep the car and get it all fixed under warranty rather than driving a scrapheap challenge motor while u wait for them to maybe give u a replacement which will probably encounter the majority of your probs! A few rattles are normal on these motors - it aint a top of the rnage Beemer or porsche or Ferrari after all - French finishing would make an onion cry!

yeah, but if his dealer has refused to do any more work on the car, hes a bit shafted there. Just because its not a top of the range bmw doesnt mean we have to put up with sh*t build quality. If you pay a lot of money for a car you deserve to have it rattle free. You wouldnt be impressed if you bought a tv and it hummed and whirred all the time or your washing machine leaked water, so why put up with it just because its a car?

Im not putting up with sh*t just because people say it is the norm. I had a new focus before this and that was bloody great, not one problem in 9000 miles, and that cost just less than the Clio. I only got the Clio because I fancied something a bit quicker, leather, climate and all the trimmings....It sounded like a good option!

Renault UK told me that they would expect their dealers to fulfill their comitment under waranty on this car and bring these issues to a close. Then Renault Leeds tell me they arent going to do any more work on my car at all, and Renault UK bloody agree with them.... Kind of puts me in a bad position?

So Bentleys in Sheffield now have the car and I am waiting for their next move after thier initial stupid letter. They said "If you can arrange to bring your car to our premises we will look into these problems", I wrote back saying had you not noticed the extra Clio Sport on your forecourt for 2 days?

Should be due another letter in the morning!;)

Quote: Originally posted by PaulG on 25 October 2002

Just because its not a top of the range bmw doesnt mean we have to put up with sh*t build quality. If you pay a lot of money for a car you deserve to have it rattle free.
I beg to disagree - unfortunately we do and we will - U get exactly waht u pay for - a fast car with a sh*t build quality - it aint a beemer or Merc or any German/Italian car - theyre all sorted in the build department and unfortunately for us Renaults aint - I think theyre starting to listen though with their next gen. models!

The 172 is a hot hatch not a mini luxury health club on wheels!

Too right. Youve paid for the car so you have every right to expect it to work. If it doesnt work, Renault have a chance to fix it. If they dont, give him hell.

Slarty.. some of your posts are genius.. some of them are indeed "dog sh*te".

I for one would be a really happier bunny if you had more tact in some of your replies.. eg "I think you might be on dodgy ground send back a car with the faults youve listed... " etc.. as opposed to all the arse youve typed above.

Your "style" on this board is pi55ing off a lot of people to the point that that they dont feel like contributing.

It is infuriating because I know you have a lot to offer.

Im of course not suggesting you agree with everything, or that you shouldnt post if you do disagree. I am suggesting you could think about the way in which you disagree.

Just my opinion.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

A fifteen grand car is still a lot of money, if Renault did an OK job on 90% of their cars in the first place they would make more money overall. Like James I will not put up with bad workmanship and so far my rattles arnt that bad, I do not expect a hand crafted car but surely they can put a car together that is not prone to problems when it leaves the assembly line, the Honda type R is not a lot more money but seems to be less prone to rattles.

I knew french cars wernt perfect when I bought mine but with a three year warranty I would expect them to put right anything that wasnt correct.

Having a fun car like a 172 is only fun for some people if the little problems dont get in the way.

I love mine more and more each day.

Just my opinion

Good Luck


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

This is exactly the point I was trying to make yesterday Matt, but you seemed to put it in words better! :)

CUPSIZE, why should we put it up with it? Youve paid your money, however much or little, and you have the right to expect quality goods. Thats what this sale of goods act is all about. If you choose to put up with it, thats up to you, but I for one wont sit down and be f**ked over by Renault if my car develops rattles or other problems.

Hi Matt,

is it therefore, appropriate, in the context of your post, to call any of my replies dog sheet ???...

or is that simply that a limit has been passed in your mind re acceptable replies ?? ,and, when THAT becomes unacceptable to you, you feel you should post something to state just that .... ??

If you believe it is fair to say such in your posts, then it is also fair that a guy who complains about his volume control button squeeking is told he is taking the piss..... (when, of course, MY limit has been surpassed with such topics or replies)

I will take what you say on board though..

next time I will NOT say are you taking the piss ??.. I will say you posted dog sheet and are pissing me off.. Yep, good plan.

Fairy nuff..


"Dog sh*te" whouldnt have been my first choice, but I thought Id meet fire with fire to make a point.

And yes a limit has been passed in my mind as to what is acceptable. Im sure everyone has a limit. I have thought lots of your replies have been inappropriate in their tone, but I have decided not to jump on each one with my opinion.

I hope you will take this as constructive critisism. All IMHO.

Joe, I think if you read the thread you would find Matt was actually quoting me.

The volume button is just one of a multitude of problems with the car, the fact that it started sticking in and you had to bang the stereo to get the button back out was why I put it on my list. Why you chose to focus on that one point is beyond me.

Also, I think you will find he was referring to the mutterings of a mad man as outlined below:

Its gonna be rough, its gonna be tough.. and we may not be standing up at the end of this !

You are taking the piss really m8,,,,, I do sympathise with you.. really lol !!.. but..........

you ARE taking the PISS yep ????

Joe.. good joke m8.. nice one !


S.. I am unsure, me must confess...

Say .. Ya Booo Hiss ???

or maybe...

NO, I WONT !..

Its a hard call gal !.

Joe.. lol......

Maybe you would like to look over this website?

LMAO at James Palmer !!!! nice one ! and I do sympathise with your position regarding the faults - some you live with, some you dont and if there are too many then you definitely should not!!!

No James Palmer.... I was referring to matt on one count, and your ramblings of faults on the other...

perhaps a hearing test is in order as you seem quite susceptable to noises...;)

I could also provide a link if you like... (Maybe the tinitus society ??)

I am so glad we agree that things can be difficult to comprehend.. as in, your dealer and reno uk not comprehending your own ramblings .. as a source of major faults that make the car unsuitable for the purpose of which it was purchased.

I hope that makes sense to you as you obviously have a different concept on what constitues a major fault or faults(s) and hence you are unlikely to comprehend the replies...

  Skoda Fabia vRS

everyone knows Joe is insane, he doesnt need a website to tell him that, hes like cliosports crazy uncle