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172 stats

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Can anyone please provide me the following details of the 172.

Horsepower in bhp @ rpm:
Torque in lb-ft @ rpm:
Max engine speed in rpm:
Ideal rpm to drop the clutch on launch:

Gear ratios:
Final drive ratio:

Car test weight in lb:
Weight on front wheels as a percentage:
Wheelbase in inches:
Std Tyre specs eg. 195/55/15:
Drag coefficient:
Overall height in inches
Overall width in inches
Ground Clearance in inches


Hi Geoff.

Just a note, those images of the underbonnet area are not a typical cup..

there is no engine cover... and the right hand image shows an aircon pump.....:confused:

they cant have them items lol

  Silver Fabia vRS

Captain - If you can find a picture of the under bonnet of a Cup then Ill put it on the site! When I put the page up it was the best I could find!