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172 Vs Clio Cup On Dual Carriageway

  Alfa Mito 155TB

Dear cup owners

Today I toasted a Cup in my 172 and he was tryinh....the moral of this story is be good at changing gear.....I came up behind him in 5th doing 55.....I dropped to third as the traffic cleared on the A19 dual carriageway...and in third there wasnt much in it....4th went by at 117mph and onto 5th from 120mph to 143mph i had five car lengths on him in the end...I think his weakness was gradual bends on the dual carriagway as well..coupled with probably changing up on the rev limited....Becareful Cup runners...if you see me in your mirrors you may become Toast Too lol....There is something to be said for driver skills.

But I will be fitting the Cup Mods on my 172!!!...its still nice having ABS and aircon.
  Alfa Mito 155TB

I was running on nearly a full tank of SUL , spare wheel and Mcdonalds drink holders on floor :) . I weight 10 stone, the fellow in the cup looked alittle portly around the middle !!!!

lol ...thats it i want revenge for all cup owners .lol.if you see a cup in ya rear view mirror then u had better Run Boy!!!!

id probably bottle it at 120 anyway!

  Alfa Mito 155TB

I would give it ago....I only race for the fun element...but the other guy didnt flash his lights or you think optimax, octane booster and groupN element would make a difference?

dunno! i think alot of it is down to the driver too! you probably know your car inside out, and know its limits and how to get the best out of it!
  Alfa Mito 155TB

its a mk2...just went and weighed myself too...not 10st more like 10 1/2 stone...too much beer at xmas I think. Not sure what power to weight is..never good at the physics stuff. But I admire the cup...could of had one...but I laugh because some of them drive edgey as if they are urban warriors or something
  Alfa Mito 155TB

Going for Group N air filter element replacement this weekend...hope this helps the car breath easier...dont really want to go down the modding route...put off by superchps stuff...would go for cup upgrade items when the ycome out.

Thats funny tumbleweed - "I toasted a cup" you say So is yours quicker then than a cup?? Thats very interesting - might have to change to a car like yours - either you had the advantage on him or he wasnt interested and to be perfectly honest if it was me I wouldnt have bothered coz I would have whooped your arse- lol

If he was driving a cup Im sure he knows how to shift gears like yourself and doesnt change gear at 4000rpm and Im pretty sure you werent 5 car lengths ahead of him at 143mph - u say u came up behind him so what did you manage to overtake on the busy duel carriageway? pity there wasnt any police around coz thats simply stupid! When you wake up let us know. The reason you probably had 5 car lenghts on him is because he pulled back once the red mist started to appear - 143 - get a grip mate!

You might not be able to get the cup mods coz they are sopecifically, well the ecu anyway, designed for the cup and Grpn N rallying - anyways you have a 172 why bother fitting cup mods when u dont have one "Thos shalt not covet.............."

PS - I toasted a cup the other day too only because the driver was a women in her late 30s with the shoppin

Make sure its an honest race to start with no advantages then get back to us!

"Thats funny tumbleweed - "I toasted a cup" you say So is yours quicker then than a cup?? "

Very possibly as the 172 engines loosen up quite considerably after a few thousand miles. Cups are all very new so the engines are probably a bit tight.