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172FF v's Pug 306S16

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Having only owned the car a week i decided to get myself familiar with the car as our own police force driver recommended(see thread on copper caught doing 159mph).It was at this point i came to a roundabout followed by a dual carriageway(A66 for you guys in the North East,joining from Darlo end).As i pulled up to the roundabout,i noticed a 306 in the lane next to me and on closer inspection i reckoned it to be an S16.I pulled onto the roundabout with a little bit more speed than usual to start to get familiar with the car.At this point,i noticed the 306 driver must have been doing the same thing and suddenly pulled out behind me and chose to sit rather close.In the interest of safety,i decided to put a little distance between my self and the 306 by choosing to press the accelerator pedal a little harder.I noticed the 306 driver must have thought to do the same thing but luckily enough i had started to make a little distance between the two of us.I kept my foot hard down and all the while putting more and more distance between us over time.I decided when i hit a sufficient speed in 5th gear that i had got familiar with the car and had put PLENTY space between myself and the 306.I obviously kept a vigil eye on the road in front and at the rear view mirror in order to increase the gap.we got caught up in some slower moving traffic and he caught up again.When the traffic cleared i decided he was a little close and for safety sake,i again put distance between us.Im sure to the outside eye it might have looked like a race was going on but i just want everyone to know that it was merely a testing exercise for safety sake in my eyes.Im sure the 306 driver was doing the same thing,its just unfortunate our paths crossed and we did it at the same time.

Before i hear stoies of weight factors,power figures,i was on my own in a FF 172 Mk2,full tank of fuel.He was in with what looked to be his partner.

let me put the story in simple terms...He tried,he failed.....


Have a nice day...:cool:


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^^^^ Yeah but don't forget , the S16's are gettin' on a bit now 10+ years old . In their day they were a good car , fantastic round corners at speed . I'm pretty sure if there was an S16 forum 12 years ago there would have lots of threads like S16 V ???? and " yeah but you would have had him in the twisties " , lol ;)
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Just to confirm,it wasnt an S16,it was a GTi-6...Sorry about this mistake..Spoke to a friend who knows the car and has informed me it was a GTI-6.:eek:
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Should not be much in the 1*2 v a GTi 6, The GTi 6 is not great on standard suspension IMO, plus the early 6's have been out since 1997 so there is some tired ones out there.
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Bloody english roads these days, always have to drive that little bhit faster... for safety reasons.
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Roy Munson said:
It has less power and more weight. I would not get too exceited about beating one :)

Did the word excitement appear in my thread?...i was merely stating a fact of an incident which occured today.I can only give you true facts.I cannot speculate on the fact that the 306 was lowered,uprated brakes,different wheels,non standard exhaust,and would probably hazard a guess on an induction kit or filter and possibly chipped..who knows and who was a bit of fun in my eyes....:cool: