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17's possibly?

  renault clio sport172
hi all.
i know im in the wrong area but this is just a general question for intrest.
ive got a set of inovit tuning 17's with brand new tyres on think bout selling, they are black with a polished lip they are multi fit and looked mint on my 57plate zetec-s.would anyone be intrested in them and what do you think wud be a fair price(covered 300 or so miles) and only 3 weeks old
  renault clio sport172
true that and it sucks i payed close on £600 for them with tyres etc i just need shot of em to get some bloody room at the inn lol
  Monaco RS Clio 172
yep yep

given they are mint and basically new...

you shouldn't lose too much. if things were normal I would try for 500 at least but at the mo it's so difficult

I have a set of fox rs3 17'' from my escort, in used condition good tyres, cannot even achieve 150 for them at the mo!
  renault clio sport172
id genuinely take £250 just to get shot.theres a scuff on 1 bout the size of the top of ur little finger.just doing my head in as i could use the cash on stuff for the clio.