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182 Brake Set Ups?

  2005 Clio 182
Hi guys!
My 182 is going to need some new brake pipes soon and was thinking about upgrading the discs, calipers and pads whilst I was at it.
I just wanted to know what set ups everyone has and what you'd recommend and what to avoid!
  2005 Clio 182
At slow speeds, <20mph there is a metallic squeak from the front that only stops when I lightly apply some pressure on the brakes. And when braking to a stop they make a sound like a two pieces of metal are rubbing against each other.
My local garage said there's plenty of pad left but whoever had it previously put a cheap set on.
So any recommendations for pads would be great, also interested if it's worth looking at anything else you guys are using.


ClioSport Trader
  need BRAKES? PM me
cheers @Pauleds

I can help out with your brakes @Harley-xi . Few options in on the shelf and can supply a lot of manufacturers . For road, the Brembo HC discs and Brembo pads and some fresh brake fluid will sharpen your brakes up . The Mintex M1144 are a good cost effective upgrade , as an other option

No need to replace/upgrade calipers if the oe ones working as they should be . I can supply the hoses aswel, both oe and Goodridge braided lines

Get in touch and I'll get you sorted


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Cup
As above really, for road use, Brembo are fine. If you are pushing hard or into your road rallies, 1144's are a mild upgrade, but I wouldn't bother unless you are getting fade.